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Tips for selling a house through Facebook

If you’re not utilizing Marketplace to sell your house, you’re losing a great opportunity to promote your home for free and connect with thousands of buyers

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Everything has changed with the pandemic, even the way of selling properties. That is why owners must reinvent themselves to reach multiple buyers. But how do you achieve it? The answer is through technology.

Technology even allows us to show the house without scheduling an in-person visit. Which is very convenient in the current context.

In today’s article, we will explain how to take advantage of social networks to negotiate your home; specifically, we will teach you how to sell a house on Facebook.

Why sell a house on Facebook?

Did you know that among all the existing social networks, Facebook is the preferred one by Chileans with 13 million users? 

This means that with just one click thousands of people will be able to find your property in Nova City Peshawar on the web.

In this article we want to help you get the most out of Facebook to reach potential buyers; You will learn how to sell a house on Facebook through groups and the Marketplace (the largest classifieds platform or product buying and selling service in the country and the world).

facebook marketplace

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are meeting places between users who share an interest in a topic; you can post and share content, comment on others’ posts, ask questions, and more.

In Chile, there are many groups for the sale and rental of properties. You can find them by type of property, region, or commune. 

That is why to sell a house on Facebook, it is ideal that you join different groups that allow you to show your home and connect with potentially interested parties.

These groups can be public or private. The difference between them is that in public groups any Facebook user can see the publications, members, and posts, without having to be a part.

Although these types of groups usually have many users, the content may not be what you are looking for, since they usually do not have filters or control. Please review them before joining.

On the other hand, in private groups, you can only sell the content if you are a member. To join you must request approval from the administrator or administrators, who usually ask for data or ask questions to allow entry. When your application is approved, you will receive a notification.

To sell a house on Facebook we advise you to review how the groups and their rules work before joining.

Advantages of publishing your house for sale in Facebook groups

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Facebook groups are ideal for promoting your house for sale because they allow you to easily reach potential buyers.

Not only can you show and promote your home for free, you can also find out the price of similar properties in the area, keep up to date on the latest trends in the real estate sector, find out what buyers’ most common questions are, what they need or what they are searching.

Steps to find groups

Here’s how to find and join groups so you can post and sell a home on Facebook:

  1. Go to the Facebook website or app.
  2. In the search engine, place the keyword related to the groups you would like to find, for example: “property for sale in Santiago”, “property for sale in X commune”. And press search or Enter.
  3. On the new page you must filter your search by “Groups” so that only groups related to your search appear.
  4. Click “Join Group” to enter. There are no limits to joining groups.

Follow these recommendations to successfully sell a house on Facebook.

Steps to publish your house for sale in Facebook groups

Some groups are exclusive to upload properties for sale. You must follow the following steps to publish your property in them:

  1. Press the “Sell something” button and fill in the fields with the property data.
  2. Upload the best photos of the property. Check here how to take professional photographs.
  3. Write the ad for sale. In this article we tell you how to write an effective sales ad.
  4. Press “Next” and mark other groups so that the publication is also shared in them. You can also add it to the Facebook Marketplace (later we will explain more about this tool).
  5. After clicking “Publish” you will be able to view the ad and edit it if you wish.

How to succeed when posting in groups?

  1. Always check the rules before posting so as not to cause inconvenience or problems. You will find them in the description of each group.
  2. Try to interact with other owners or users and answer any questions or comments they make to you, even if they are real estate brokers offering their services to you. This is a social network and you must be cordial, and it will help you keep the publication active.
  3. To sell a house on Facebook, avoid posting the property multiple times in the same group. You will not only generate rejection, but you will give rise to the administrators to eliminate you. Make a list of the groups where you have published your property to avoid uploading it twice.
  4. Set aside some time each day to check notifications and browse groups so you don’t miss a thing. Remember that if you receive too many notifications you can disable them in the settings.
  5. Use videos to promote your property. They do not need to be perfect, but you do need to show in detail the benefits of your home. Audiovisual material is a very powerful strategy to sell a house on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace

Another tool that will help you sell a house on Facebook is the Marketplace. This service helps create a free sales ad that, once published, allows other network users to contact you through the Facebook messaging service.

This service, like Facebook groups, is free; there are no commissions involved when publishing and selling a property of Nova City Peshawar

Although it is ideal that you can invest money to promote your publication and reach more interested parties.

If you have never used the Facebook Marketplace, you must activate the tab from a computer. Log in to your Facebook account and click the Marketplace button to enter.

Knowing how to sell a house on Facebook will help you increase the chances of closing the deal in less time.

Steps to publish your house for sale in the Marketplace

Follow these steps to successfully list your home for sale on the Facebook Marketplace:

  1. After clicking on the Facebook Marketplace button, you must “Create a publication”. Four categories will appear and you must choose “Homes for sale or rent”.
  2. Add all the property data: type of property, rooms, bathrooms, price, etc.
  3. Write a description. Remember to be as detailed as possible. Add tags to make it easier for interested parties to find your home for sale.
  4. Add the photos, you can upload up to 9 images. Make sure they are well-lit and high-quality photos.
  5. After reviewing all the data, click on “Publish”. The platform will suggest you also share it in your Facebook Groups.

Advantages of the Marketplace to sell a house on Facebook

  • The Facebook Marketplace is a very complete portal where you can publish properties for sale and rent.
  • It is very easy to use and offers the possibility of filtering the search by price, category, location, among others. That is, there is no way that buyers will not quickly find your property if you enter the data accurately.
  • The platform is optimized for use on any device and users can search for properties without leaving Facebook.
  • You can show and promote your property without cost or commissions. By publishing it on the Facebook Marketplace you can also share it on your feed, on pages or in groups.
  • If you promote the publication you will be able to reach hundreds of potential clients in the network, which increases the possibilities of selling a house on Facebook.
  • The opportunity to provide maximum information about your property for sale in the Facebook Marketplace will serve as a filter to rule out those interested parties who do not fit the profile of your ideal client.

Recommendations for listing on the Marketplace

  • You must publish from your personal profile, so it is recommended that you show yourself in your profile picture. This will help you inspire trust and credibility.
  • The friends you have on Facebook attest that there is a real person behind your account. Try to stay active online.
  • You should always post high-quality, well-lit photos that highlight the attributes of the property.
  • Use friendly and respectful language to describe the property. Counting your benefits and what makes it different from any other home is key to selling a house on Facebook.


Not knowing how to sell a house on Facebook is losing a great opportunity to promote your home for free and connect with thousands of users interested in finding their next home.

Now that you know the benefits of this social network and how to publish in groups and in the Facebook Marketplace, take advantage and publish your house for sale. 

And if you have excess land, it’s also good to know how to sell your land fast.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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