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Tips to help you get started as a hybrid app developer

After you become familiar with the basics of the language, start reading the codes of successful projects on open resources.

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Hybrid apps are a cross between native and web apps. In fact, they are built to look and feel like native apps. They are also installed on the user’s phone and can be found in app stores.

The difference is that they must necessarily be hosted within the native application and created to work through the WebView, and thus they can access information on the user’s device for greater capabilities.

Additional benefits of mashups

They are:

  • Hybrid applications have the most functionality and personalization for the user;
  • Developers are not limited to one platform, instead they can create a hybrid application that will work with multiple platforms (in the case of working as a native application);
  • Hybrids are a good option for developers who create visually rich applications like games (which won’t work well as web applications);
  • using hybrid app development company.

In any case, there are some disadvantages to consider when choosing a mashup app:

– Overly complex applications are best done native;

– Development requires additional time and effort (compared to web applications) for such an application to look and feel like a native one;

– App stores may reject mashups that don’t run smoothly.

Choosing the right mobile application model is a very important stage in its development, which is influenced by several factors, such as the technical assessment of the developers; the need for access to information on the device; the effect of internet speed on the application; Whether the application is single or multi-platform.

Every day, millions of people run mobile apps on their smartphones – this is a whole culture that is developing at a frantic pace. The developers of these apps are new romantic heroes, people who can become billionaires overnight, like the creators of Instagram, with several computers and a good idea at hand.

They are not taught this anywhere, and in this they feel their advantage and uniqueness – everything depends on you. You take and write a program, and if it works, then you did everything right, if not, someone else will take your place in the top of the Apple Store. The main thing here is speed. You don’t have to sit at a desk for five years to start programming. This is exactly the case when everything depends on desire and practice.

The best and only way to become a mobile developer is to start developing! 

True, now there are so many auxiliary resources on the Internet that mastering the profession is easier than ever before. Nobody but yourself will teach you how to program. Just read the tutorial in a book or on the web and start creating the application you are interested in, start with the simplest. Or I would recommend starting with web development altogether: HTML and CSS or jQuery if you’re feeling adventurous.

Some people want to go through a programming school without fail, but I was convinced more than once that the best developers are self-taught, and with a diverse background. Hell, I dropped out of Computer Science at university to study philosophy myself! A good programmer is driven by a passion for finding solutions to a problem. If you have this passion, you will succeed.

If you want to become a programmer, you have to read a lot. First of all, you need to read all the documentation and guidelines provided by Apple or Google developers. Resist the urge to just read without putting what you read into practice. Your choice of sources should be guided by curiosity and ambition to solve a difficult problem.

After you become familiar with the basics of the language, start reading the codes of successful projects on open resources. See what models and methods other developers use to solve various problems, and try to adapt them to your own tasks. There is no end to what you can learn from others.

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