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TogetherPrice: A smart tech platform managing group bills & shared subscriptions

TogetherPrice is an all-in-one solution to manage group subscription plans,
split costs and connect with friends.

Together Price home page
Image: Together Price

In the United States, there are more than 92.3 million active mobile payment users.

Fathoming this enormous number, multiple payment platforms are available in the market to instantly fulfill the users’ demands.

Together Price is an emerging leader in the industry that is assisting people in splitting bills and sharing group subscriptions on one platform.

Together Price provides users with a platform where they can share the terms and conditions of use of each service. Admins and Joiners agree to comply with the rules to share legally and safely.

Together Price web site
Image: Together Price

Here are some of the services you can share: Spotify Premium, Netflix Premium, NowTV, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, DAZN, Office 365, Steam, and Xbox Live.

You can also share Dropbox, Kaspersky Antivirus, Invictus Pronostici, Nintendo Switch Online, Infinity, PureVPN, Readly, WiFi Vodafone, and WiFi Fastweb. 

Together Price started to fill the huge gap in technology when it came to sharing expenses among people where there wasn’t a single platform that could help this out.

Many people were trying to find alternative ways to manage their sharing groups. 

With Together Price, you can share your favorite digital subscriptions: streaming, music, entertainment, gaming, and work tools.

You can use Together Price in two ways: if you already have a subscription, you can make the unused spaces available for sharing with others. Each month Together Price will collect the sums from your group members.

People who want to share but are not currently using Together Price usually find people on social networks, split expenses through Paypal and other split payment systems like Splitwise and manage communication via WhatsApp.

There are a couple of competitors, but they are all local and not as operationally widespread as Together Price.

The vertical is built on the community’s trust and allows the users to share and split costs within the groups created on the platform.

This aspect reduces continual follow-ups and reminders to make timely payments.

Together Price web site
Image: Together Price

Users can also share the benefits of Group Subscription Plans, wherein the group members can share access to products and services.

SS security certificate, cooling-off period, reliability rating, and stripe payments are additional features that deliver benefits 24/7.

The co-founder and CEO of Together Price believe and says, “We envision a world where things are as easy to share as they are to buy.”

In two years, Together Price has raised more than €2M from global investment funds that include Samaipata Ventures,  LVenture Group, and angels from the Angel Partner Group.

During this time, the startup has expanded operations, opening offices in London and Rome, and established a strong user acquisition in four key markets: the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, and Italy. 

With more than 1M subscribers, Together Price is the leading Sharing Network to streamline the sharing process of the most popular digital providers.

Two-thirds of U.S. consumers who intend to subscribe to a new digital service will terminate one or more of their existing plans to make room in their budget.

40% of those consumers polled feel like they have signed up for more services than they can afford. 

In response to this trend, providers are offering new premium plans to share access among friends and family. But sharing sometimes creates more problems than it solves for consumers.

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