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Top 3 solutions to track a cell phone

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It has always been a challenge for the majority of us to get stuck in the trap of doubts about our loved ones. This is the exact moment when we want somebody to keep tabs on the locations to keep our loved ones close and safe.

It is not a hidden fact that there are numerous apps to help you get a track but that is exactly the opposite of what you were looking for. Keep an eye on your loved ones with many other features accompanied!

There’s no trace of an officially legal app to keep a track on the Play Store or other stores. 

Do you suspect that your partner is not being 100% truthful or loyal about their location? Or do you feel a need to track your child’s location considering their safety? Let’s see how Minspy can help you track the cell phone without permission.

Part 1: How tracking the cellphone is a much bigger task than it seems?

It is a very known fact that children don’t like to be spied or checked every hour. So here arises the need of Minspy, the best solution to discreetly track a cell phone.


We have listed down a list of super hideous apps to make you slay the spying mode! We’ll introduce you to the best 3 alternatives to your rescue!

1.1 Minspy

Best among the crowd, Minspy stands out to be the most feasible app to track the device. There are many apps in the market that promises to get you the location but fails to do so.

Minspy is home to the best features possible in a spying app. Before digging into the “How to” process, let’s get to know Minspy a little deeper.

Minspy works as your own little detective and get you all the location tabs of the target device within a few clicks. The best features are it’s no jailbreaking and rooting system.

Minspy is a well-recognized app around the globe and is used by millions. Known to be the best cell phone tracking app, Minspy has its set of appreciation by millions of users.

1.2 Features Of Minspy

Minspy works so efficiently that it resembles any social media account that you own. With your credentials, only you will be able to keep a track of your target device. Here are the sprinkles of features that Minspy offers:

Web App

You do not have to keep an app to operate and monitor the target’s location. You can use any web browser for that matter.

Secret Location Tracker

You will be 100% untraceable and this is the best feature of Minspy which is rarely found in the most spying or tracking apps.

No Root or Jailbreak Needed

This will come as a shock that you won’t have to get into physical contact or root the device in order for it to work.

Data Privacy

When it comes to data, you can be rest assured that nobody except you will have the permission to access the data from your target’s device!

1.3 Quick Set Up Procedure

Step 1: Sign up on the official Minspy website. And select according to the type of your devices.

Step 2: If iOS is what you need to spy on then enter the iCloud credentials and you will be redirected to the dashboard. You can access all the functions like Location, Call logs and messages.

You’d have to download a tiny app for android before initiating your tracking mode. You can uninstall or hide the app afterward through the control panel on the app. 

Step 3: Once you will be done setting up the device, you can grab all the data and the location information from the dashboard.

Experiment your mindful doubts in an efficient and effective way with Minspy!

Part 2: Spyier

Breaking all the chains, Spyier is one the most secure and discreet apps. It’s approach gives way to ultimately feasible features like being web based and stealthy!

Spyier can help you track any phone or tablet within a quick and few steps. The procedure goes smoothly, let’s see how!

Firstly, sign up for free with email id and make a Spyier account. After you finish up signing up, choose the OS version i.e. Android or iOS and follow the on screen instruction. Once you set up the target device with Spyier, you can start monitoring it through your dashboard. 

You can access the dashboard from any browser you are accessible to.

For a brief about the in-depth services that Spyier brings to you are Contact information, Call logs, messages, browser history and much more!

Here’s a free demo.

Part 3: Spyine

Era of professional hackers needed to track location has ended. Even if you are not a genius at handling technology you can nail the usage of Spyine!

Do you still think that you need one? If yes, then you definitely haven’t heard of Spyine! 

Spyine comes with commendable features which makes it easy for the client to keep location tabs on the target device. 

Our tried and tested one, Spyine app has all the benefits and leaves no loose ends and is 100% undetectable.

While you track the device, Spyine leaves no trace and runs in the background without draining the battery of the target device for android.

In case of iOS, you need not even install any app and can begin spying through your Spyine Dashboard by just entering the iCloud Credentials!

Tab the location of your children to ensure their safety and security. If you are having doubts on your partner not being loyal to you then, Spyine has your back! 

We would like to end with a note of happy spying! One of the most recommended apps is right in front of you! Do not have any second thoughts and head to your spying mode. The best solutions to track the cellphone for every need is wrapped down in this article!

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