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Top 4 Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

The characters in DBFZ are well balanced to give you a fighting chance against all odds.

dragon ball fighterz

Released back in 2017, Dragon Ball FighterZ has been a fantastic fighting game for over four years. Throughout that time, the game has seen several balance changes to its characters. Many of these shook up the game’s meta considerably and kickstarted the careers of some of those fighters while sinking others.

But what are the best fighters, right now, to take on to the ladder and fight for those sweet, sweet Dragon Ball FighterZ ranks? Although this is a list of the best among the rest, it is worth noting that it is not ordered and that even if your favorite is not here, there is a lot of room for you to be a fantastic player without having to adhere to it what most players consider meta.

Android 21

android 21

She is one of the most overwhelming characters in the game by far. Her insane mixup pressure can put most other opponents on the backfoot, and her copy ability giver her a level of flexibility that can give any player a massive advantage on a straight fight.

Overall, she is an aggressive and pressure-focused character. Her projectiles are very powerful, and when used alongside her normal, they can give her all the control she needs to zone out her opponents. After taking that control, players can then use her extensive mix-ups to encase opponents fully.

But for all her good, she must have a few wrongs, though they a few. She lacks a good number of defensive capabilities, and when caught off guard, players will have a hard time catching themselves for the comeback. 

Her volatile playstyle and resource requirements make her a hard to learn hard to master zoner. But once you have a rhythm and untangle her distinctive playstyle, she is one of the best characters available.



More widely known as Z Broly to distinguish him from his much less capable DBS counterpart. This big boy has great potential as one of the best grapplers in the game. Even more impressive, his zoning and anti-zoning abilities give him the power to overcome most challenges.

His core strengths lie in his huge normal, it makes sense given the character’s size, but they are genuinely humongous. On top of that, he has a very powerful super-armor in most of his normals and specials moves, letting him bully opponents into his preferred spot, the corner. In there, his throws paired up with assists quickly rack up damage, and if repelled, he can utilize his improved mix-ups to take control back of the fight.

Obviously, he is not without his faults either. His main limitation is how many resources he needs to put into actually increasing his damage output. Frontloading damage might be good for pressure, but if your tools quickly dry up, things will get tougher quickly.

SSB Vegito

SSB Vegito

If you think the mixture of Goku and Vegeta is powerful, then congratulations, you are right. The truly terrifying aspect of this character in the competitive play comes from his strategic advantage over other similarly powerful opponents.

Other characters usually have one thing they are strong at, and a few they are weak. Even the aforementioned Android 21 and Broly show these top-level powers with some drawbacks. But SSB Vegito is a tiny bit different. 

Vegito is really good at a number of things, ranging from this great control over natural fights with his anti-air grab and low commitment projectile to flexible mix-ups, block strings that make it challenging to escape his setups. You might be able to handle one of his approaches, but it is hard to do every single one.

The only consolation prize for people facing him is his lack of good corner mix-ups, which can help a lot to recover. Same with his startups, they are slow and often require a total commitment on the part of Vegito.

SS4 Gogeta

ss4 gogeta

Well, if SSB Vegito is powerful, Gogeta is just as good. He is, after all, often the final boss in Dragon Ball games. For DBFZ, he has been adjusted has very interesting mechanics with his levels and finish signs. A unique taunt allows him to gain a bit more meter and level up to a max of 7. Doing so gives access to a one-shot kill. Yes, really.

As if that was not enough, he also has good close-range pressure and presence with solid projectiles and staggering moves that leave opponents wide open for follow-ups. On the defensive side of things, his air counter and other tools make it really hard for anyone to close the gap when they want or to cage Gogeta in the corner proper.

As far as downsides go, He does have a few that stand out. Primarily his reliance on those finishing signs. Without moving up levels and getting the damage boost from them, Gogeta’s hits are more like pillow fights than actually powerful strikes. If you decide to pick up the characters as a main, you will also have to contend with weak zoning options as his taunt forces opponents closer.

Wrapping it all up

To repeat what we said at the start, you can just not follow any of these suggestions and go with the character you like most. Ok, maybe not Broly DBS or Yamcha, but other than those two oddballs, the characters in DBFZ are well balanced to give you a fighting chance against all odds.

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