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Top 5 analytics tools to grow your startup

Analytics tool provides a better understanding of what your customers expect from you and what strategies are working in your startup’s favor.

google analytics
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Startups face fierce competition not only from well-established companies but also from other small businesses. As a result, startups are trying to make the most of digital marketing to grow their business. But unless you know what’s working and what’s not, you might not get the desired results. 

Using analytics tools can help you understand your customers’ pain points, the website’s performance, and the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy. You can then leverage these insights to grow your business. Let’s have a look at the top five analytics tools to expand your startup. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is completely free to use and provides a lot of information about your website visitors. 

At the most basic level, Google Analytics shows which pages on your website are performing well, traffic sources, and conversion/channel. 

You can check which pages have a high bounce rate and then optimize them to make visitors stick on your website. 

GA even allows you to create custom goals, such as contact form filled, bought a product, completed registration, etc.

The “Audience” tab shows where your users reside, devices they use, browsers, when do they visit, their age, and gender. 

google analytics

Why Choose Google Analytics?

There are various reasons to use GA, but here are the key advantages of it. 

  • It provides an in-depth insight into your visitors that can be used to shape your marketing strategy. 
  • It allows you to check what your visitors do after they land on your website. 
  • Lets you check how much each channel helps in converting customers. 
  • Enables you to analyze the most basic SEO metrics, such as average time spent on site, bounce rate, and pages/session.
  • It allows you to track various campaigns like email and paid ads (by adding UTM tags to the campaigns). 
  • Lets you set up custom alerts to save time while providing information about the metrics you care about. 


Finteza provides information Google Analytics doesn’t. It is an advanced web analytics tool that aims to boost your ROI. 

It allows you to create sales funnels by pages, events, and sources. You’ll be able to know at what stage most of your prospects bounce back so that you can optimize them for conversion. 

The page analytics feature of Finteza lets you compare the performance of various pages, analyze the quality of the traffic, and optimize the conversion rate.  


It also shows the real-time conversion calculations for all sources. This will give you a more reliable insight into which channels aren’t optimized for conversions. 

Why Choose Finteza?

Finteza can be very useful in growing your startup, here’s how. 

  • It evaluates the quality of the traffic and can determine bad ones, including bot traffic, spammers, and hackers. You’ll be notified as soon as Finteza identifies bad traffic so you can take action and prevent your website from being hacked. 
  • It allows you to create a detailed sales funnel and understand how each stage affects your conversion rate. This helps in optimizing each segment of the sales process for conversion. 
  • It provides a behavioral analysis of individuals, enabling you to better target each prospect. 
  • You can check which pages contribute the most towards your business’ bottom line, i.e., revenue. 
  • It lets you check your affiliates and ads performance. This helps in eliminating the low-performing sources and save your ad budget. 


Mixpanel claims to be the most powerful self-serve analytics tool to convert and engage more users. 

Mixpanel allows you to collect customer and product data that matters the most to you. You can then define key business metrics and check how they trend over time. 

It uses data science, correlation analysis, and look-alike modeling to determine why users will likely engage, retain, and convert. 

Why Choose Mixpanel?

By using Mixpanel, you can:

  • Check events (such as in-app purchases and activation metrics) and segment it by week, browser, device, and location to understand how sales happen on your site. 
  • See whether any features impact user behavior. 
  • Get detailed information about your customers.
  • Discover what user behaviors correlate with your goals, such as a purchase or upsell. 
  • Maximize impact by setting behavioral triggers and messages to increase conversions. 


SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that provides analytics reports, conducts advertising research, and lets you see what your competitors are doing. 

You can check your website’s ranking in organic search, what keywords you’re ranking for, and the opportunities you have to boost your position in the SERPs. 

SEMrush allows you to discover organic and paid competitors, check their best keywords, and monitor ad copy and landing pages. 

Why Choose SEMrush?

There are various features of SEMrush that make it unique, such as: 

  • Analyze the performance of your website in organic search.  
  • Get insight into your competitors’ organic and paid search.  
  • Track your positions for any keyword. 
  • Check your site’s health with the SEO analysis tool.
  • Conduct an in-depth backlink analysis.


From rank tracking to content research to competitive analysis, Ahrefs lets you analyze almost everything you need to grow your startup online.

Its site explorer tool allows you to see the exact keywords your competitors are ranking for in search engines along with the amount of traffic driven by them. 

Its site audit tool enables you to analyze your on-page SEO performance. It highlights all possible SEO issues and provides suggestions to fix it. 

The rank tracker tool of Ahrefs allows you to monitor your rankings over time and compare your performance with that of your competitors. You can even track your visibility in the search engines. 


Why Choose Ahrefs?

There are a lot of benefits of Ahrefs. It allows you to do various things, including:

  • Check if your website ranks in featured snippets. 
  • Keep an eye on your competitors. 
  • Conduct keyword research and check estimated traffic and clicks for the term. 
  • Find popular articles on any topic. 
  • Analyze your and your competitors’ backlink profile instantly. 

Final Thoughts

Analytics tool provides a better understanding of what your customers expect from you and what strategies are working in your startup’s favor. These five analytics are budget-friendly and give a detailed analysis report of your website. 

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