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Top 5 apps for dog parents

There are hundreds out there, this is just scratching the surface, so why not figure out which apps are necessary for you and your pet?

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Taking care of our dogs has never been easier, and there are some essential apps for your phone or other devices that can help out. Are you looking for some doggone good apps? Read on and we’ll go over the ones that you should pick up to make your life easier.

1. BringFido

BringFido is one of the best ways to find dog-friendly venues while you’re planning a day trip. The regulations around dogs can be a pain, but with this app on your side, you’ll be able to find the best dog parks and other areas with ease.

BringFido lets you know which hotels, trails, and beaches are dog-friendly. It’s a game-changer for those who like to travel. Finding the right places for your pets can be a serious pain without some kind of aid to the whole process.

The time saved is immense. And, fortunately, BringFido is available on both iPhones and Android!

2. Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes animals get injured while you’re out and about. And most of us aren’t trained veterinarians, which makes it hard to know what the right thing to do is.

Fortunately, the American Red Cross has released this app which has the information you need to take care of your animal if the worst happens. It’s even designed to show you information about common sources of trouble for pets.

It may not replace a real pet first aid course, but having the information in your pocket is a big help. There are even quizzes designed to help you diagnose problems with your animal.

It’s available on Android and iOS, so install it before you need it.

3. Pawprint — Pet Health Tracker

Pawprint is essential for making sure that all of your veterinary information is in the same spot. It allows you to see, at a glance, what needs to be done. It’s especially valuable for those who have multiple animals and may have a hard time keeping track of all of their medical needs.

The app also allows access to the original documents. That makes things like proving registration or vaccination a snap. It’s too easy to leave your paperwork somewhere and forget it, and it always seems to happen at the worst time.

So just don’t let it happen.

Pawprint’s connection to medical records is also great. Most people are likely to use it to know when they’re due for grooming, checkups, and other routine procedures of course. It even stores special feeding instructions if you need them.

The rest are great, but this one is essential and available on both Apple and Android.

4. Wag!

Wag is an app that allows dog owners to connect with dog walkers.

It’s a pretty simple app, but it allows the busier among us to ensure that our dogs get exercised properly. It also makes it a snap to find a pet sitter, which is always a bonus.

Wag’s service has a good reputation thus far. And those who might be bored at home with their dog can even sign up to do the walking themselves.

Keep it in your toolbox. Even if something interrupts your schedule, there’s no reason for your beloved pet to miss their exercise. You can even track their progress in real-time!

It’s a really handy app to have, even if you end up not using it. Take a look on either Apple or Android.

5. Puppr

Are you ready to teach your dog new tricks but aren’t sure how to go about it? Snatch up Puppr. This handy app will give you the breakdown on how to train your dog to do just about anything.

The programs for training are designed by professionals, getting you and your canine along the way incrementally. The app even comes with a “clicker” right from the phone, so you can do training anywhere.

It runs the gamut from basic obedience training to tests of your dog’s intelligence. The neat part is that many people don’t realize just how trainable dogs are… as long as you have the training knowhow. If it fails, you may want to look into a more personalized online course but thousands of people have found it to be amazing.

So, skip the rest and teach your dog new tricks. Puppr is available on all platforms so snatch it up for iOS or Android today!

Apps and Dogs: A Winning Match

As you can see, you can use your smartphone and some great apps for your dog. Whether it’s training, health needs, or just finding a sitter you really can’t go wrong. There are hundreds out there, this is just scratching the surface, so why not figure out which apps are necessary for you and your pet?

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