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Top 5 fascinating internet games for all times

The most popular and played games are those which have been on the market for decades.

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Our lives have changed for good the moment computers were first introduced to the public. We spent hours and hours playing standard Windows games and surfing the Internet. As time went by, more diverse and vivid titles were introduced.

Nowadays, there are thousands of hundreds of games of all kinds but there are still undisputed leaders that engage millions of users not depending on their country of residence and age. And that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in the article – the best games of all time that you should definitely try.

  1. Keno

One of the most popular games is definitely keno. We don’t name a particular developer or title in purpose because each of them is worth your attention. It is great both for experienced players and beginners and doesn’t require any skills. You can play it for money or for free. Plus, there is no need to purchase paper tickets because there are thousands of online keno games on the Internet. 

The rules are very simple: you make a wager choosing 20 numbers (the quantity may vary from one game variant to another) out of 80. The more numbers match, the more you win. What can be simpler?

  1. Super Mario Galaxy

This game is a modified version of Super Mario played on Dendy consoles. It runs on Wii which gives users a unique opportunity to participate in the process. You can jump, run, and fight creatures across the galaxy to save Princess Peach. A great replacement for a regular workout!

Considering that Mario is in space, you can try out lots of new moves. And thanks to the Wii controller, the user experience becomes outstanding. Instead of jumping and running forward in a traditional way, players can drag objects, participate in battles, and roll in zero gravity. The game comes with numerous customization features and buy-ins, so you are guaranteed to have lots of fun.

  1. Tony Hawk’s series

Even if you are not the biggest fan of sports, you have surely heard of Tony Hawk, a famous skateboarder, and a video game that bears his name. It was launched in 1999 and in a matter of years became available on all personal computers. The franchise includes 13 games and is considered the best-seller. 

The plot is more than predictable: you should sharpen your skateboarding skills in the most unexpected places. Apart from skateparks, be ready to ride on closed factories, full parking lots, and famous touristic destinations. While some tricks and moves are quite simple, there are those that require attention and real mastership.

  1. Pac-man

If we could play only one game for eternity, we would definitely choose Pac-Man. This maze game was released in 1980 and has quickly gained the love of users from all parts of the world. The plot is more than simple: the player moves Pac-Man who should eat the dots inside of a maze and try to avoid fast ghosts. Flashing dots or Power Pellets make Pac-Man invincible and allow eating ghosts. Bright colors and a simple plot make the game appealing to all ages.

Originally, the game was called Puck Man but developers decided to switch the title to avoid machines defacement. 

  1. Tetris

This video game was developed by a Russian engineer in 1984 who later founded The Tetris Company. Tetris is surely a game that helps to kill time – the outcomes are always different and no round is the same. To win, you need to stay in the game as long as possible. To do so, you should complete lines by moving pieces of different shapes. They fall onto the field and by filling one line, it disappears. At the moment, there are numerous Tetris variations: for two players, 3D ones, and much more. Everyone can find a variant to taste!

Classic is always in fashion 

As you see, the most popular and played games are those which have been on the market for decades. They have fans of all ages and backgrounds and are not going anywhere. If you still haven’t played Tony Hawk’s, or another game from the list, download it right after reading this final sentence, and you are guaranteed a few happy and fun hours!

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