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Top 5 fintech mobile app programming languages

No programming language can be claimed the best. Depending on the company’s needs, managers may decide one to be better over another.

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Did you know that the global Fintech market is worth hundreds of billions, and its size is expected to reach $324 billion by 2026? It’s a vast and profitable industry for everyone who knows how to harvest its fruits.

If you’re running a business that has financial technologies involved in it, then you need an app to strengthen your brand.

Developing one is not easy though, you need to focus on many things before creating something valuable for your customers.

The importance of owning a business Fintech app

Every app has one goal before anything else – be beneficial for your clients. Without this feature, you don’t need to spend resources, time, and energy developing a fintech app. A fintech software development service is perfect for this sort of thing.

However, if you manage to come up with a useful tool, your clients will be happy and your business profitable. Because of these facts, you need to develop a flawless app.

Hiring a Fintech app development company is the only solution because only professionals will know how to build a fully-functional and detail-oriented fintech app.

When you’re about to build an app, you need to know the best languages for the job.

Once you have the knowledge of the subject, you can look for developers skilled and experienced in these programming languages. Here are the five most commonly used in the field of financial technologies.


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Java is used for nearly anything out there. It is the most popular programming language for Android by many influential magazines, and there are roughly 10 million Java programmers globally.

These numbers explain how widely used this programming language is.

It is also one of the most commonly used in the fintech industry. Its flagship feature is to be run on nearly on platforms and types of appliances. The same code is used to open the app in-browser, on your mobile phone, or on a tablet.

With Fintech clients accessing their services from various sources, it’s only logical that companies want a versatile programming language to provide their needs.

Millions of apps use Java, and thousands of Fintech companies are happy with their choice to hire Java app developers.


python course
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Python is probably the most popular programming language in the world right now.

With more than 8 million programmers, and new ones emerging every day, it is used for a wide range of projects in which Fintech industries are also part.

It is so commonly used because this language is extremely easy to learn and use. Its syntax is very simple, and anyone can understand what they are doing.

This feature makes the complex mathematical and financial issues easily bridged by any programmer, making the final product clean and smooth.

With the vast community available to support you at all times, and a wide range of tools and packages available for programmers, coding is super-easy with Python.

Having happy and relaxed developers working on your project means getting a top-notch product that will function flawlessly.


Compared to the previous two, Flutter is a relatively new programming language, which quickly found its place in the Fintech industry.

Its features made it wanted for Fintech companies who are actively looking for Flutter developers to code their apps.

Flutter is known as one of the most versatile programming languages out there.

It is an open-source language developed by Google and can be used on nearly every platform. This flagship feature is why so many people are asking for their apps to be created in Flutter.

However, only 500,000 developers use Flutter monthly, and around two million know how to use it. This is why hiring a Flutter development company might be complex if you want these types of programmers.

It may be a challenge to find the right ones, but the benefits from using Flutter will top all your struggles, so don’t hesitate to search thoroughly for the best.


C++ is one of the oldest programming languages in the world and is still one of the best.

It is extremely fast due to its compiling feature. The code is translated to machine language through a compiler, making it is super-fast.

In the financial industry, speed means everything. Clients are not happy to wait for the app to load forever.

When their money is in question, everything must function without a flaw. With C++, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong.

Modern AI and machine learning projects all use C++. An artificial intelligence program needs to make trillions of calculations in a very short time.

Without fast code, this won’t be possible. Many fintech companies are also implementing AI in their platforms, so this might be the perfect option for you too.


Ruby was created in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Matsumoto wanted to create a language that was different than what was on the market at the moment, and he seemed to manage in its quest.

He said about this language that it is simple in appearance but is very complex inside, just like our human body.

Ruby is a free, open-source language that is very simple to use.

Developers using it will finish their projects much faster than competing developers using other languages, which for investors means fast development and spending less money, and we all know how company owners feel about excessive spending.

Aside from these features, Ruby offers stability, flexibility, and security. These are all features that every Fintech company wants for themselves, which is why we have them on our list.


Image: Unsplash

No programming language can be claimed the best. Depending on the company’s needs, managers may decide one to be better over another.

If you want speed, you might want to choose C++, and if you want versatility, then Flutter might be the best solution.

Do your research, conduct a few meetings with people in your company that are skilled in app development, and reach the perfect solution.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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