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Top 5 new crypto funds of 2022

These are the top 5 crypto funds that are popular now and worth exploring.

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Crypto funds are trading and investment companies focused on trading with cryptocurrency. The best crypto funds cooperate with investors and make the money work.

Therefore, crypto funds are perfect for investors who don’t want to spend lots of time exploring the market and want to start earning money immediately. But how to find trusted funds that are experienced in the business?

Chainbroker is a crypto platform that includes information about cryptocurrency to watch and thousands of active funds, which you can filter by various criteria.

You can read about the top 5 funds that are popular now and worth your attention.

Ascensive Assets

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Ascensive Assets was founded in 2020 and has made 23 investments. The fund has raised $12.4M at its most recent investment.

Moreover, Ascensive Assets is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in blockchain-enabled companies across the web3 spectrum. The benefits of Ascensive Assets are:

  • Blockchain technology across platforms
  • Low entry rates and high returns
  • Affordable prices
  • Access to the best crypto markets
  • An in-depth analysis of the current market
  • 24/7 support and care
  • Multiple chances for partnerships

The fund is focused on building the next-generation blockchain technology, so they are looking for talented founders. Thanks to this fund, you can check the latest trends in the crypto industry.

Professionals at the fund offer in-depth analysis to increase your chances of success. You will always know what trend is better now and what will become popular soon.

Krypital Group

Krypital Group is a blockchain-based venture capital firm founded in 2017.

The company has separated the best crypto funds for the primary and secondary markets, as well as provides project incubation services.

Krypital Group also provides partners with technical advisory and brand management. They have gained over $1 billion on investments and incubated projects.

Partners choose to invest in the fund due to the various advantages and strong sides:

  • the company is focused on long-term work based on the research
  • the fund has a solid reputation for attracting more investors
  • the firm members have good knowledge of the crypto world with the solid capital backup
  • investors get the expertise of the professional team
  • the company helps and works on raising the potential of the projects with the help of their global resources

The fund is located in a few parts of the world: Asia and North and Latin America. However, you can teach them online.

Genesis block ventures

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Image: Unsplash

Genesis block ventures were founded in 2020 and are based in the Cayman Islands. The firm invests in new projects actively and has already made 70 investments.

However, the fund considers their idea different and tries to invest in and develop blockchain projects that work for future development.

The company concentrates on projects that can bring positive changes and new solutions. They have a lot of experience in this field.

The enthusiastic team worked in different fields and gathered experience to find their strengths. Nowadays, the firm is flexible and manages to work with new ideas.

Genesis block ventures focus on western and small but capable teams that share the same idea of changing the future with blockchain technology.

The firm works with where is projects connected to the blockchain ecosystem and makes new partnerships to create greater products together.

GVB works to improve businesses as they are expected in trading and marketing.

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands fund was founded in 2014 and has already made 45 investments. They aim to help gamers and developers to want to die their projects and gain digital property rights.

The firm focuses on creating a play-to-earn economy class, which will lead to the development of a fair digital framework.

Animoca Brands is famous for creating quality digital entertainment, working on gamification, and blockchain.

The fund put all its efforts into contributing to the open metaverse and works on sharing the digital property idea.

Animoca Brands is a great team of specialists in different fields, like token designing( REVV and SAND ) and creating original games, such as Crazy Kings, Crazy Defence Heroes, and Sandbox.

The team also creates intellectual properties for famous names like Snoop Dogg, Formula E, The Walking Dead, and Disney.

If you open the portfolio, you will see that they have invested in more than 380 projects, like Dapper Labs, Harmony, Star Atlas, OpenSea, etc.

WaterDrip Capital

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Image: Unsplash

WaterDrip Capital was founded by a team of progressive blockchain developers in 2017, concentrating on the blockchain industry. The fund aims to make the traditional financial market with the blockchain ecosystem.

That is why WaterDrip fund invests in new blockchain projects and cooperates with innovative startups and experienced IT developers.

The company brings profits to its investors by working with the best professionals in the blockchain field.

The fund got its name after the “water drop” weapon from the science fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem.”

Therefore, WaterDrip Capital has already invested in various blockchain ecosystem projects and aims to invest in more promising blockchain startups and provide them with all the necessary tools and resources.

The fund has invested in more than 150 projects in total. WaterDrip can help startups in all possible ways and increase media exposure.

Final words

Investors can invest in different funds based on their preferences. All the funds we listed above have worked in the market for a long time and are trusted among investors.

Each fund is unique and has its mission and idea. These firms are based on blockchain technology and help promising startups develop.

No matter what fund you will choose – it will make your money work. Chainbroker is a great platform for monitoring the situation in the market and for cryptocurrency to watch.

You can find all the necessary information about each fund on the list. Moreover, you can also make crypto projects research on the website.

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