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Top 5 online casino games you should be playing right now

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Thanks to the Internet, casino gaming is now at a whole new level especially now in 2018. With just a few taps, you can now enjoy playing your favorite game in online casinos for hours.

Without any particular order, we round up the top 5 online casino games you should be playing right now, all of which can be found at Novoline Online Casino.


Deemed as one of the easiest casino games, blackjack is not only fun, but also offers the best house edge with up to less than 1 percent in most casinos. This gives blackjack the best odds in terms of winning.

The rule of the game is simple: beat the dealer by getting a hand that totals to 21. You can also win by outscoring the dealer by getting a value that is closer to 21, but never over. A hand is considered a “blackjack” only if it’s composed of an ace and any card with a value of 10. This combination wins over other hands that equal to 21.


In a game of roulette, players will bet on a color or a number that they think the steel ball will land into. Some casinos offer European roulette, some offer American roulette, others offer both. The difference between the two roulette games is that the American roulette has 38 slots that include 0 and 00, while the European variety only has 37 slots. Moreover, American roulette has a much higher house edge, that’s why the European roulette is a lot more preferred.

Slot Machines

For players who are looking for an easy and non-competitive casino game, slot machine is your best bet. All you have to do is choose the number of lines you want to play and the betting amount per spin, and you’re good to go.In playing slots, the ones that give the best payouts are those with higher stakes. However, it doesn’t mean you should play above your capacity.


This game seems too complicated for newbies. However, what’s good about craps is that it gives great odds in terms of winning.In craps, you have the option to bet on “pass” or “don’t pass”. A dice is then rolled and getting a 7 or 11 will give a win to those who bet on “pass”. On the other hand, getting a 2, 3, or 12 gets you a win if you bet on “don’t pass”.


Another of the 5 best online casino games available right now is baccarat. This card game is another game of chance that is a favorite among high-rollers.In this game, players have the option to bet on the “player” or the “banker”. Whichever you choose, the winning hand must have a value that’s closer to 9. In instances that a hand has a total of 2 digits, you just need to drop the first digit and you’ll have your final value.

In the end, the best casino game that you should play online is not only the one you’re comfortable with, but also the one that you enjoy the most. Check Novoline Online Casino for more casino games that you can enjoy playing online.


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