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Top gadgets and tools every real estate investor needs to have

Take a look at some of these real estate tools and gadgets that every real estate investor should have or at least be aware of.

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We live in a digital world in this day and age, and the advancements in technology have drastically impacted all industries. But one industry technology has made a major impact in is one that has actually caught lots of people off guard… The industry that has greatly benefitted from technology is the real estate industry.

When most people think of real estate, they think it’s the simple act of realtors showing off homes to interested buyers, and if the interested buyers like the home… they buy it! It’s as simple as that, right?


There’s so much more to the real estate industry than you may think, and there are more people involved in real estate that aren’t just realtors as well. Take real estate investors for example… You probably think that because the word “investor” is used that a real estate investor means that it’s some type of real estate professional that buys a bunch of properties and rents them out…

Well, that’s the gist of what real estate investors do but trust and believe that not every real estate investor is a big shot with lots of money to blow on rental homes. They have to keep an eye on mortgage rates just like everyone else. In fact, real estate investors are just regular people wanting to generate additional and passive income; nothing more, nothing less. And in most cases, they don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a house in cash so they’ll finance a home through a trusted mortgage lender.

But just because these individuals may not be realtors, a lot of them are very interested in real estate, and are interested enough to also invest in some of the top real estate gadgets out today. You have to understand that once you buy a rental property, you’ve taken on the role of property owner and landlord. So that means you’re going to need the right tools and gadgets to get your property rented out.

All in all, it’s pretty safe to say that technology has impacted everything from retail to real estate but it’s in real estate where technology has made the most surprising impact, especially with some of the tools and gadgets that have been designed for the industry. Take a look at some of these real estate tools and gadgets that every real estate investor should have or at least be aware of.

Top Gadgets and Tools Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Have

Wearable Technology

From driving around different neighborhoods looking at homes to having an open house and showing your property, safety should always be at the top of your priorities list. It’s not that real estate is this cutting-edge, dangerous industry, but depending on the areas you’re driving around in, you could look like a potential target for danger.

Things like wearable technology come in different forms. One piece of smart technology is the Cuff. The Cuff fits into jewelry and keychains and pairs with an app you download to your phone. That app monitors your location. So if you find yourself in a questionable neighborhood and feel you’re in trouble or danger, you can activate an alert that will notify your top contact so they can call the authorities.

Picture-Printing Phone Case

As a real estate investor, you’re going to be driving around looking at houses, but in initially looking at those houses, you’re not going to be able to go inside, and on top of that, you’re going to be looking at so many that you’re not going to remember them all as well.

So what’s the best way to remember the properties you visit? Take pictures of them. What’s an even better way to remember them? Print out those photos. By printing them out, you’ll be able to really examine the picture you took and point out the things you like and what you don’t like. And the coolest part about printing out the pictures of properties you visit is that you can do it all from your phone with a picture-printing phone case.

Prynt Case is a photo printer that attaches to the back of your phone and prints on ZINK paper. Once you have photos of the properties you like, you can get with a realtor to do tours of the homes to see the interiors.

3-D Home Tour Technology

3-D home tour technology is one of the best technological advancements to real estate. As a real estate investor, once you find a property to invest in, you’re going to start holding house showings. This piece of technology comes in handy when people look up your property online. They’ll be able to have a virtual tour before meeting with you in person or if they can’t make it to one of your showings.

The way the 3-D home tour technology works is that a standing camera is placed inside the property and captures all angles of that room according to how your turn and maneuver the camera. Once you have all the images you want to be captured, you would then get with a realtor to upload your property.

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