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Top MDM solutions for 2020

The future of the Master Data Management sector is always moving and evolving with various advantages being offered by the latest entrants into this market.

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The use of Master Data Management software has become a major part of the business sector in the last few years. This is because solutions such as Gartner MDM have been producing excellent results when it comes to producing results for the business leaders of the U.S.

IBM reports the Master Data Management sector can reduce waste and redundancy in the business sector more effectively than any other form of software to reduce the time and energy spent searching for information and data. Costs can be lowered in almost every area of business by limiting duplicate information and allowing cloud storage to be enjoyed at a lower cost because the amount of data being used will the lower.

1. Ataccama

When you are looking for an MDM solution there are many on the market from Gartner MDM to Ataccama that provides a central solution to your needs. One of the main benefits of choosing a solution such as Ataccama is that it can integrate with your existing systems to ensure there is no need for a complete system overhaul when you look to integrate Master Data Management into your business. When you are hoping to make sure your company saves on data usage and storage you need to be certain you are getting the best options for real-time solutions to keep everybody as up-to-date as possible.

2. Talend

The world of business is changing with the COVID-19 pandemic making the evolution of business a tidal wave instead of a trickly from a dam. Talend Master Data Management is a popular MDM solution because it can change the way information is stored and delivered in the 21st-century.

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The main concern for business users is now to allow all employees and stakeholders to have access from home or on the go, which Talend has made possible in a simple way. The scalability of the Talend platform has made it easier for any user to access the correct information in real-time using mobile devices, laptops, or using an office-based computer system.

3. Syndigo Content Management

This is a platform that has been created to target the retail industry at every level by allowing integration across many different levels. The main advantage of Syndigo Content Management is the ability to share data and updates across the supply chain from producers to suppliers, manufacturers, and retail outlets. By making sure the correct information is always in place you will find it is easier to ensure all your orders are handled with ease by your manufacturers and suppliers to keep your orders moving on time and to the correct location. By making sure all your orders and suppliers are working to the correct ends you will find yourself moving far faster towards the expansion of your product lines instore and online.

4. Boomi

Scalability has always been an issue in the development of business solutions, but Boomi by Dell has been able to handle this in its latest developments. The platform has been developed to allow real-time use of the cloud with the entire process taking place online. One of the benefits of the use of Boomi is the ability to link with your partners online in a bid to keep information and access active among your business partners. Boomi allows an account to be created from their web-based, secure Cloud-based platform.

5. Orchestra Networks

There is not always the time or funding to take an MDM solution and tailor it to meet your needs. At times like these, a solid option is to make sure you are looking to find an out of the box solution that can be quickly configured to meet your needs. Orchestra Networks is a solution that is designed for those who have an existing information technology infrastructure and want to ensure they have access to an MDM platform. There are various platforms and features associated with Orchestra that can be enjoyed and turned off and on to meet your business needs.

6. StealthAudit Management Platform

There are many reasons why business leaders at all levels are looking to take part in the latest aspects of MDM solutions. Alongside the collection and distribution of the correct data for your business needs, there is also the need to ensure all data is protected by your security features. StealathAudit has become a go-to option for many businesses who are looking for the latest ways of protecting themselves in an increasingly hostile online sector. By using this platform each business will have the latest MDM platform along with a range of impressive security features.

The future of the Master Data Management sector is always moving and evolving with various advantages being offered by the latest entrants into this market. One of the areas RT Insights reports will be growing and should be explored in 2020 and beyond is the use of the Blockchain for your business needs. The MDM platform options open to you and your business partners should be working towards this evolution to keep your company as secure as possible in the coming years.

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