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Top tech trends in the iGaming sector to watch in 2018

We take a closer look at one of the world’s most profitable and the most competitive sector – the iGaming industry.

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Technology is changing the world around us rapidly. However, some industries tend to adopt the modern developments much faster than others. Take a look at the financial services industry. While blockchain technology has been around for years, banks are only taking a look at distributing their ledgers for a year or so. From the other perspective, the first Internet credit card processing was done for quite a funny purchase – a porn website subscription.

Hence, to understand how the future of other sectors may look like in terms of the technology advancement, we shall take a look at one of the world’s most profitable and the most competitive sector – the iGaming industry.

Artificial Intelligence

According to this www.casinopå article, today the largest majority of the poker hands (if we could moneywise) is actually not played by the humans but the self-learning algorithms. Yes, that’s right. Next time you are playing at the PokerStars or any other online poker room, you might actually be facing an Artificial Intelligence competing against you on the other side of the table.

The reason for using AI in online poker is very simple. AI is much when it comes to analyzing the behavior patterns, memorizing the results of the hands and the players’ actions. Besides that, AI is not affected by the human factors and feelings. This way a person may generate a steady income simply by spending a few hours a week to update the code of his poker playing robot.

Virtual Reality

Online casinos have been working hard to bring in the island-like feelings into the Internet environment. And to be honest, they have succeeded quite a lot. Today there are enormous live gaming studios situated all over the world. These studios are filled with expensive cameras, microphones and other hardware that transmits a perfect quality picture and realistic sounds to the online players. However, the casinos are not stopping there.

At the latest ICE Totally Gaming conference the leading software developers in the iGaming sector have presented various Virtual Reality solutions that are designed to bring the experience of online gaming to a completely new level. Even though the VR devices are not popular for the moment being, it is expected that they will get traction within the next five years.

The Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

It goes without saying that the year 2017 has signified the year of crypto awareness. Previously, cryptocurrencies have been popular within the IT-inclined communities. However, last year every person and even his dog wanted to hop on the cryptocurrency train. While there are certainly pros and cons of using cryptos, one thing is for certain – cryptocurrencies are anonymous and secure. Considering that iGaming is one of the most heavily regulated industries, and often the governments employ different payment system blocks to eliminate the companies operating in the grey and black areas, the cryptocurrencies will power up deposits and withdrawals in the geographies where licensing is either unavailable or obtained with many barriers and difficulties.  

Next to this, already quite a few iGaming companies have turned into raising their capital through Initial Coin Offerings.

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