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Top useful websites that can help you with studying

These are seven of the top useful websites that are helping students all around the world with their studies

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Being a student isn’t always easy. While studying is certainly one of the most exciting periods of life for many people, filled with new experiences and opportunities for exploration, getting a great education presents its own set of challenges. Many students find themselves needing a bit of extra help when it comes to getting through their studies.

Luckily, with the rise of the internet, there are myriad resources available to students to help them out when they face difficulty with their studies. Many of the online resources available to students not only help when it comes to academic matters but also with crucial life skills that need to be developed while studying. Here we’ve put together a handy guide to seven of the most useful websites that are currently helping students live their lives stress-free. 

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1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the most useful sources of information available on the web – both for those in school and the general public. Project Gutenberg essentially functions as an online library that offers people access to thousands of literary sources.

The Project Gutenberg database is home to many of the texts that exist in the public domain. There are over 25,000 books currently available on the database, as well as an additional 100,000 texts from affiliated partners. As the Project Gutenberg database is regularly being updated by contributors from around the world, the number of texts for pupils to peruse only continues to grow.

2. Paperell

One of the major obstacles that many students face during their time in college is dealing with the different kinds of assignments that are part and parcel of getting an education. While the scope of assignments that teachers put to their classes is very broad, just about every student will be assigned an essay writing task at some point.

Especially at first, essay writing can pose its challenges to many students, but luckily essay writing sites such as Paperell are there to help along every step of the process. From planning to writing, websites such as these help to make every student a better writer and are sure to increase your grades.

3. Mental Floss

Sometimes one of the best things a student can do for their education is to get themselves inspired to study. Resources like Mental Floss offer young people a broad range of interesting facts and stories to jog their minds. Engaging with fun and interesting information in bite-size portions helps encourage enthusiasm for learning among many college pupils.

4. Rate My Professors

Rate My Professors is a popular website where students can rank and review their teachers. It features most of the schools that students will be familiar with, and the rankings are put together by millions of users. This tool is helpful when trying to decide which classes to take with which teacher, as within one course, some teachers may be far more highly ranked than others. Having access to this kind of review resource is of extreme value, as it’s highly important to research the college you’re attending and learn from the experience of others.

5. Bib Me

One thing that everyone will need to do at some point during their studies is create a bibliography. Proper citation is an incredibly important aspect of academic writing, and for that reason, it’s of utmost importance to make sure you’re getting it right. Especially when they first encounter citation, many people struggle to get the hang of it.

Luckily there are online bibliography creators that can track all the sources you use and output a perfect bibliography at the end of your writing process. These sites offer a number of different citation styles, from MLA to Chicago and APA, so they will make your life easier no matter what your preferred referencing system is.

6. Open Book Project

The Open Book Project is an incredibly useful site that offers college pupils free access to thousands of textbooks that they need throughout their academic careers. As these books are often highly expensive, this site not only offers a handy centralized list of books but also manages to save students money.

As many young people don’t have the spare time to get a job while they are at school, saving money in as many ways as possible is an important priority. Students should check the Open Book Project and other online databases for free texts before making any expensive purchases.

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7. Audible

Audible is a beloved learning resource used by many people both in and outside of college. It is a database that offers over 200,000 audiobooks to listen to. These audiobooks are of famously high quality, and brand new titles are being added constantly. Students who find it difficult to sit themselves down and read books can make use of this helpful alternative and get all the information they need whilst walking or doing other tasks. 

These are seven of the top useful websites that are helping students all around the world with their studies – checking out any one of them is sure to make your life easier!

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