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Top video editing software for YouTube

The best editing software for you is the one that suits your needs (and your pockets!).

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YouTube is no longer just a simple video sharing site where you upload home videos and call it a day. With more than 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube is now one of the world’s most effective video streaming services. And if you are an aspiring YouTuber who is looking to make YouTube videos as their primary source of income, you need the right tools to create professional-looking videos that catch the eye. 

Ask any full-time YouTuber, and they will tell you that the editing and post-production of the video are just as important as the video’s content. And hiring a professional to edit all your videos can be an expensive affair, especially if you are starting. If you want your videos to stand out from the crowd, here are three free intro maker and video editing software for YouTube that you can use to create stunning visual content that looks professional and high-quality.

Final Cut Pro X

Developed by Apple for MacOS, the Final Cut Pro X is probably one of the most popular video editing software used by content creators and leading industry professionals alike. This revolutionary editing software is a powerful tool that includes high-end features like Multicam editing (if you want to view 16 angles simultaneously and sync up to 64 angles), 360° video editing (ideal for VR), innovative Magnetic Timeline for color-coding, and faster editing, professional color correction, automatic and reliable uploads to YouTube, and more. 

Final Cut Pro X’s advanced features come at a surprisingly fast rendering speed, and the background processing makes it an even better option. The Final Cut Pro X can do it all from audio issues like background noise disturbances and hums to different video effects and edits. 

One of the most significant drawbacks of this software is that it is only available for Mac OS users. But be warned, all these premium and professional-level features do not come cheap. With a $299 price tag, it might not be the preferred choice for absolute beginners, but if you are ready to splurge a little at the start of your YouTube journey, the Final Cut Pro X is a hundred percent worth the investment. It also comes with a 30-day free trial, so you can try the features out before putting in the money.

Wondershare Filmora9

Another popular and loved video editing software, Filmora9 by Wondershare, is an exceptional video-editor that surprisingly does not break your bank. With thousands of video effects and a beginner-friendly, easy to use interface, Filmora9 is the most preferred editing software for beginners. And the best part? It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. 

With Filmora9, you can add various video effects like animations, filters, transitions, custom captions, and more to create a video that meets professional standards. Filmora9 also offers an audio library with a wide variety of sound effects and music tracks to add to your videos. If you are on the hunt for simplified editing software with a library of easy presets that lets you quickly edit your videos, Filmora9 is the right choice for you.

A good mix of essential editing tools like background noise removal, color tuning, and reverse mode to more advanced options like green-screen effects, scene detection, and video stabilization, this software has everything you will need from the absolute start of your journey to the very end. Its drawbacks are – no support for 360° videos and no advanced features like Multicam. If you are a beginner, you can try out the free version (with watermark) and then switch to the premium versions offered at different prices and pick one that best suits your needs.  


screenshot of Clipchamp video editor
Image: Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an easy video editor that YouTubers, social media creators, and marketers love! It’s free, easy to use and you can edit in your web browser using Chrome or Edge browser as long as you have a stable internet connection. 

No matter your skill level, Clipchamp has features that suit your needs. It allows multi-track editing and covers all the basic editing features like trimming, cropping, titles, and transitions. Fast-track your YouTube video editing with video templates–from YouTube intro to YouTube end cards–just adjust it a bit and save it in 1080p HD. New YouTubers can also play with their YouTube aesthetic with the filters and fun title styles.  

The green screen editor and video overlay feature come in handy if you’re creating reaction videos or gaming videos. If you’re making a talking heads video, the fuss-free screen and webcam recorder will be useful. It has intuitive features like allowing you to remove gaps in the timeline with a click too. 

It currently doesn’t support saving a video in 4K format yet or offer advanced color correction though. You can directly publish your video to your YouTube account as it is integrated. 

The free plan allows 1080p HD video exports and access to thousands of high-quality stock videos and audio. If you’ve got a bit of a budget, consider a premium plan, either Business for $19/month or Business Platinum for $39/month to access the full stock library, brand kit as well as unlimited cloud storage for your projects. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

We cannot talk about video editing software without mentioning Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Want a testament of how professional and reliable this tool is? Gone Girl, the 2014 American psychological thriller, a Hollywood feature-length film, was cut entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. If it is good enough for the Hollywood biggies, it most definitely is good enough for you. 

If you are a beginner ready to upgrade your videos (and your skills!), the Premiere Pro CC is a top-of-the-line editing tool that will take your videos to the next level. With support for 8K videos shot by professional cameras to edit VR and 360° videos, the Adobe Premiere Pro CC has a library of advanced features that cater to beginners and professionals alike. 

Despite having a plethora of advanced features and editing options, the Premiere Pro CC interface is uncluttered and easy to use. It can even be used for quick and straightforward video edits without a complicated process. The software is compatible with Mac OS and Windows, making it the most preferred option by those who do not have access to Apple products. This premium editing tool’s drawback is that it is a subscription-based model that costs $29.99 monthly ($19.99 per month if billed annually), which is a steep price for beginners. 

Though these 3 are the top intro and video editing software, here are a few other tools that also deserve mention

  1. Pinnacle Studio
  2. Apple iMovie
  3. Blender
  4. Lightworks 14
  5. CyberLink PowerDirector 265

The best editing software for you is the one that suits your needs (and your pockets!). Play around with the free versions of different tools to find one that you are most comfortable with. Whether you are an absolute beginner who needs a free YouTube intro maker or you are in the market for a professional video editing tool that lets you create Hollywood-standard, professional YouTube videos, these tools have something for everybody. Find what works best for you, and have fun!

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