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Top VPN services you should probably be considering

The web is full of biased VPN reviews, making it difficult to distinguish the right one for you. Here’s the VPN servies you should check out.

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The market is full of both free and paid VPN services. These VPNs come and go, and they resemble each other from features; give you the same promises, but very risky for your safety. 

What is a VPN? It means Virtual Private Network, programming that gives you a safe, encrypted connection over a less secure network. You can change your IP address to a secure server. And makes your activities online anonymous by tricking your gadget into thinking you are in another location.

But How Do you find the Best VPN?

The web is full of biased VPN reviews, which makes it difficult to distinguish the right one for you. Do not worry as we have reviewed for you the best VPNs you can consider using with confidence.

Factors We Consider When Reviewing a VPN

  • Usability and Support
  • Security Features & Privacy
  • Logging policy & Jurisdiction
  • Downloading speed
  • Netflix availability & Torrenting
  • VPN Cost

Note – Never use a free VPN to connect online. You risk your privacy and have no guarantee in case something happens. Therefore, it is advisable to always go for a paid VPN. 


No doubt, ExpressVPN is a popular and effective VPN everyone should consider. The VPN has its location in British Virgin Island, and its subscription gives you the right of entry to more than 3000 servers throughout 160 different cities and in 94 countries. 

Express VPN gives you several protocols such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, and more. And all are equipped with the modern encryption standard (AES-256). It makes ExpressVPN function with every device. ExpressVPN comes with a kill-switch is designed to end your session if a breach is detected automatically. 

ExpressVPN is a little bit pricey than other VPN on the market. You get three months free when you take a yearly subscription.

  • Supports all devices
  • No Logs
  • No DNS/IP leaks
  • Very fast
  • Very simple and easy to use


NordVPN is a powerful software-based on Panama. It is considered to be one of the top-rated VPN services. NordVPN has 2048 bit-encryption, strong DNS leak protection, 6-device support as standard, and kill switches. NordVPN has a DNS like smart play feature which helps to get around geo-blocks and unblock streaming and other services. 

The good thing with NordVPN is you can try it for 30 days money-back guarantee to see whether it’s a good deal for you. 

  • Good performance
  • Quality desktop and mobile clients
  • Not the best user experience at all times
  • Fast


Here is the PureVPN in-depth review as one of the most promising VPN on the market. If you are looking for security and anonymity, PureVPN will effectively give that. The other disappointment users dislike experiencing is slow VPN servers. But PureVPN has dedicated high-speed VPN servers to help you meet your browsing needs. 

PureVPN helps to bypass any set geo-block, and you immediately start to stream your favorite content anytime. Here are some of the PureVPN unbeatable features. 

  • 5 Multi Logins
  • Internet Kill switch 
  • 2000 plus servers
  • Split Tunneling
  • 24/7 Technical Support


This software is claimed in some quarters to be the best globally. It has some impressive stats, though. IPVanish has 1300 servers spread in 75 countries across the world. All major security protocols are supported through IPVanish. And to prevent anybody from tracking you, the software uses bank-grade AES-256 encryption. 

IPVanish works only on these platforms, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. When using IPVanish, you will never experience limits on bandwidth. The downside of IPVanish is the high cost compared to other VPN of a similar class. However, when you subscribe, they give you 7-days money-back guarantee to test and see the performance

  • Downloading speed
  • No logging policy 
  • Supports all devices
  • Works with Netflix and torrenting
  • Powerful, configurable apps


Now you have the best VPN to consider using for your needs. If you are a Netflix person, test all the VPNs, and see which one helps you to stream uninterrupted. It all boils down to VPN software you feel it supports or enhances your services.

Editor’s Note: Shahmeer Baloch is a marketing professional-turned-tech writer at who despite had a successful career at Evyap made a drastic change when his interest in technology and international cyber laws became evident. Baloch’s love for new technology is profound and well addressed. Loves to play tennis on weekends.

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