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Toppin Bridge series air purifiers are now AHAM-certified

Toppin Bridge series air purifiers offer customers and their families fresh, clean air no matter the size of their home or apartment.

toppin bridge
Image: Toppin

Toppin is proud to announce that the company’s Bridge series of air purifiers have received AHAM certification.

This accreditation marks the Toppin Bridge series as providing elite performance in the capture of tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen, creating a healthier environment within customers’ homes and offices. 

What is AHAM Certification?

AHAM-certified air purifiers are vigorously tested to ensure the removal of these potentially dangerous allergens, and Toppin is proud that the Bridge series has received such industry-acclaimed certification. 

What is the Toppin Bridge Series of Air Purifiers?

The Toppin Bridge series of air purifiers—released in June 2021—takes its name from the innovative handle design. This design provides two key benefits.

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Not only does the bridge handle design make it easy for customers to move the air purifiers from room to room, but the handle also houses the purifier’s touch controls for quick access to all of the purifier’s many functions. 

toppin bridge air purifier
Image: Toppin

What Other Certifications do These Purifiers Have?

In addition to acquiring AHAM certification, the Toppin Bridge series air purifiers also acquired California Air Resources Board certification, meaning it meets California’s strict requirements for ozone emissions and electrical safety, some of the most rigorous standards in the world. The series also features FCC certification and each purifier is ETL listed for exemplary safety standards.

Who are Toppin?

For those unfamiliar with Toppin, the company was founded in California in 2020 as a health and happiness brand for the modern homeowner.

With the vision of “Bringing aesthetics to healthy life”, Toppin is committed to leveraging the value of the smart home and is dedicated to continuing to explore the fusion of design and technology in the health and wellness space.

Features of the Bridge Series Air Purifiers

The Toppin Bridge series comprises 3 air purifiers: TPAP003, TPAP004, and TPAP005. Each purifier is fitted with a 4-layer filtration system consisting of a nylon pre-filter, nanosilver ions, an H13 true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter.

Together, these filters combine to capture fine particles and common allergens, including dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen, odors, and other pollutants. With these pollutants filtered out, all that’s released back into the customer’s home or office is fresh, clean air. 

It’s this combination of filters and their ability to remove these harmful pollutants that have helped the Bridge series attain its AHAM certification.

toppin bridge
Image: Toppin

And when fresh, clean air alone isn’t enough, all three purifiers come with a fragrance sponge. Customers can add essential oils to the sponge to fill their homes with the pleasant aroma of their favorite fragrances. And this pleasant environment can be preserved both day and night thanks to another feature. 

Sleep Mode ensures that the purifiers remain at a whisper-quiet ≤ 27dB. What’s more, it also switches on the optional night light, making it the perfect addition to a baby’s nursery. Mothers can use the night light to see clearly for those late-night feedings and diaper changes, all while the purifier ensures their child enjoys crisp, clean air while sleeping.

And for families with inquisitive kids and pets, Child Lock prevents little hands and paws from accidentally changing settings. All it takes to activate is a simple tap of a button.

In addition to these shared qualities, each of the 3 purifiers include bespoke features that make them ideally suited for different sized homes:


Specially designed for small rooms and apartments, TPAP003 is capable of purifying a 220 ft²/20 ㎡room in just 12 minutes. That’s up to 5 times per hour. It’s also lightweight, weighing in at just 2.2kg/4.85lb, about the same as an average 15-in laptop.

Combine this with its super-compact design, which measures in at 209x216x368 mm/8.2×8.5×14.5 in, and the TPAP003 is the ideal portable air purifier for small homes.

toppin bridge air purifier
Image: Toppin


Able to refresh the air 5 times per hour in rooms as large as 319 ft²/30 ㎡, TPAP004 is ideal for use in larger rooms and medium-sized apartments.

And in order to easily notify users whether the air is pure or not, a real-time air quality display located at the top of the purifier changes color depending on the quality of the air: green for good, orange for fair, and red for poor. All it takes is a quick glance.


Featuring the largest capacity of the Bridge series, TPAP005 refreshes the air 5x per hour in rooms as large as 410 ft²/38 m².

From large offices and living rooms to basements and study rooms, this purifier is ideal for large homes and apartments. It also features the same real-time air quality indicator as TPAP004, and a 4-speed fan to control the airflow and noise levels. 

toppin bridge
Image: Toppin

Certified-Fresh Air for All the Family

Toppin Bridge series air purifiers offer customers and their families fresh, clean air no matter the size of their home or apartment.

The AHAM-certified 4-layer filtration system’s ability to remove up to 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns makes it ideal for pet owners, as well as families, and those living in cities where unpleasant odors and pollutants are common.

Parents can breathe easily knowing their children are enjoying fresh, clean air from morning till night. And fresh air isn’t the only benefit for the kids.

The Bridge is incredibly safe for kids and pets. No need to place it out of reach of the little ones in a sub-optimal location. CARB, FCC, and ETL certification ensures each purifier is safe to handle, while Child Mode prevents kids from fiddling with the settings.

The low weights and stable bases of the devices also help keep kids safe when playtime gets rowdy. And after a long day of play and family time, the Bridge series has a few extra features to calm the mood when night falls.

Once the kids are asleep, adjust the fan speed to the whisper-quiet low mode so they can sleep soundly. You can even set the built-in timer to switch off after a set number of hours if power saving is needed.

Mom and dad can then use the bridge handle to effortlessly move it to their bedroom where they can enjoy the Bridge series’ aromatherapy function. Just add essential oils to infuse a space with delightful fragrances.

And once the filters are full, customers can contact Toppin to order customized replacement filters for their specific needs.

The Toppin Bridge series air purifiers are available to purchase right now on Amazon. Click the links below:

  • TPAP003 – Ideal for small apartments and rooms
  • TPAP004 – Suitable for medium-sized apartments and rooms 
  • TPAP005 – Designed for houses, as well as large apartments and rooms 

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