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TradeUP: A user-friendly platform built for pro traders

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People want to get ahead financially in today’s fast-paced world and trading stocks is one of the ways to get there. TradeUP is a powerful mobile trading app not just for beginners but also for seasoned investors.

TradeUP allows traders to diversify their investments and monitor market trends using a user-friendly interface while on the go. The app can be downloaded on iOS, iPadOS, and all Android devices and it takes less than 5 minutes to create an account and begin trading.

Besides stocks, TradeUP also offers mutual funds, bonds, and ETFs, as well as brokerage assistance. Upon sign-up, traders are given immediate access to margin trading at a great rate along with free level 2 market data for up to a year.

An account could be created with as little as $100 and users are eligible for TradeUPs’ welcome gifts such as free stocks and cash bonuses depending on their initial investment. A major strength of the TradeUP platform is the real-time market updates which empower investors to make better trading decisions on the basis of in-the-moment market activity.

Another big gain on the platform is the minimal trading fees, unlike its competitors which charge a sizable amount in intermediary costs. Moving from a different brokerage is cost-efficient and TradeUP reimburses transfer fees of up to $200.

Investing veterans can benefit from the free paper trading account which is a unique service that allows them to understand the subtle trading process differences in the app-based platform. It uses virtual cash and serves as a risk-free space to get a taste of the platform without losing money in the real market due to inexperience.

The Discover feature monitors business acquisitions, political changes and other news that can affect investment decisions so that timely and well-informed decisions can be taken. It also provides a list of the 100 top active stocks in an easily digestible format so that traders can make the most of that opportunity.

Do you want to see the top stocks which are moving fast and under the $20 buying range? Screeners can filter out stocks satisfying set criteria and display them all in one place.

For investors who meet TradeUP’s risk requirements, IPO subscription is an opportunity to access public offerings at the Initial Public Offering price i.e., before they are traded on a stock exchange (without extra fees or commission)

Heat maps and the watchlist are two tools where traders could view their stocks of interest in one place and make intelligent investing decisions. Color-coded heat maps aggregate industry-wide stock information and provide a wholesome comparison against competitors.

Watchlists include similar stocks which the trader might want to compare with his current holdings and track more easily. These, in conjunction with Financial Calendars are useful in providing a holistic view of the industry the trader is targeting.

The fast order entry feature spares users the time taken to fill an order placement page and makes starting off a streamlined and efficient process. The app provides the user detailed charting and analysis, real-time updates, historical context and corporate news to guide them make smart, forward-thinking and confident decisions.

TradeUP adds new features every two weeks. It houses a simple, efficient and effective toolset in a small and convenient form factor culminating in a great trading experience.

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