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Tricky scheme: How the best US online casinos work

When gambling, you need to clearly understand: this is made for entertainment and not for earning money.

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To begin with, online casinos are categorically not suitable for investment. Especially for a stable income. Most people play to quench their thirst for gambling. And they’re doing it right. Because those who expect to ensure a comfortable life at the expense of gambling will face huge disappointment. They will definitely lose their money.

Is there a real online casino that works honestly?

Yes. Every best US online casino operates under a license, and also buy or rent special gaming software. Software always based on a random number generator (as much as technically possible, because mathematicians still have not invented real RNG yet). The data of an RNG is interpreted into the results of the game outcome (in any casino game, slot, poker, blackjack roulette, etc.).

Legal online casinos are expensive projects. To make such project running you need to invest a ton of money. But the costs will surely pay off. Because they bring owners of such projects a constant and very high profit. One of the first things you need to pay is a license to conduct online gambling activities. Honest online casinos usually operate under a license from Costa Rica, Antigua, and Barbuda, Panama, Malta, Gibraltar, as well as other countries where online gambling is legally permitted.

Online slots for real money

Scammers in the online gambling industry

There are a lot of them. Usually, they mimic well-known sites and practice phishing. This is when the email address differs by a few letters or is very similar to the original email of a big company/person. You won’t be able to win anything on such gambling sites. All casino games are “tweaked” and located on the server that belongs directly to the owner of such a fraudulent website.

Therefore, all games in total control of the online casino owner and not the developers of the gaming software (which interested in fair play and check work of RNG). Even if a player miraculously succeeds in winning, he will never be allowed to withdraw money. Online casinos that cheat appear regularly. So, if you want to gamble online, we highly recommend avoiding such websites.

You can and cannot win at online casinos

This should be remembered by anyone who wants to bet in any gambling establishment: real or virtual. Winning rarely covers everything that is embedded in the game. Often, the winning is much smaller than all the bets you’ve made. All casinos (both online and offline) use devices with a high percentage of return. It can reach up to 98%.

This is tackled by marketers who are engaged in the promotion. Thanks to their work, the players get the impression that they will win in 95 cases out of 100. Or at least lose only 5% of the money spent. And this is far from the case. The essence of the % return is that at random moments the machine gives out prize combinations, the total winnings for which reach 95% of the money invested in it. This can happen at any time: at the first start of the machine or at the thousandth. This behavior is embedded in the nature of the game. The casino, in any case, has its own 5%, and the rest is given to players who are lucky (randomly). It is impossible to predict when a winning combination will fall.

So, is there a succession of victories? Yes, but this is a very rare occurrence. Usually, players lose and only occasionally win. By the way, the same promotion methods are used online as in real casinos. During opening and promotion, slot machines bring a win much more often. Because the owners of the gambling business are aware of the social cohesion of the players. They constantly exchange information. Therefore, if the news that the new casino has very generous slot machines been leaked to the Network, the number of its customers will constantly grow.

How to choose an honest online casino

If you are driven by excitement and the desire to try your luck, take the time to choose the place where you will spend your money. This is what you need to pay attention to in the first place.


An honest and decent US online casino site that pays money must include:

  • Document Number;
  • Name of the regulator and a link to regulators website.

If an online casino license is issued in Curacao or Cyprus, think twice. Not all regulators from these countries comply with the law.


The casino site should have slot machines and games from reliable, trusted companies.


Contacting representatives of a gambling establishment should be simple.

What you need to know if you want to play for money in online casinos

You are likely to lose everything. But perhaps our tips will help you get more pleasure from the game and reduce losses.

Additional tips

No strategies, tactics, or happy talismans work. All normal slot machines are based on the operation of a random number generator. Avoid the Martingale strategy. It requires huge capital. Moreover, the size of the winnings, even after the hundredth or thousandth spin, will not exceed the first bet.

The size of the bet does not matter. Most machines are very primitive. They generate a winning combination, not paying attention to how much the player has bet. Therefore, it is better to make small bets.

How to behave

Play with confidence in defeat. Then you will not be so upset by a loss, and a victory will bring more pleasure.

Determine in advance the amount you are willing to lose.

Stop playing if the win covers all costs or is slightly larger. This means that you have already won. Staying with your own is not the worst outcome of a visit to an online casino.

Do not spend your winnings on a further game. Better buy something useful. So, your victory will have a material embodiment. This is much better than the memory of defeat.

Feel confident that the next bet will bring the jackpot? Then you better seek professional help. When playing gambling, you need to clearly understand: this is made for entertainment and not for earning money.

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