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Who to trust with your business security

Invest in deeper, more comprehensive security, a more informed workforce and the trust you need in them. Your data is too valuable, and your business is too vulnerable without it.

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If you are like most modern business owners, then you are well aware of the degree to which your technology and how you use it can be a factor in your success. However, it can be just as much of a risk. Most businesses that suffer a data breach or a hack will close their doors within two years. You need to be careful who you trust with your security.

Your team on the ground

When you’re first setting up or starting to secure a business network, you need to make sure you’re doing it right. For those inexperienced in the matter, IT consultants can ensure you’re not skipping any steps that could leave you open to intrusion. What’s more, consultants can provide a wide range of information and advice on different threats, different security tools, and will be there to address any urgent risks as soon as you come across them. As the team grows bigger, you may want to internalize your IT team but until you get to that point, outsourcing is crucial and cost-effective.

The hackers on your side

The idea of inviting hackers into the business might have alarm bells ringing for some. However, ethical hackers have been playing a key role in big business networks for as long as businesses have been using computers. Also known as penetrative testing, their job is to hack your system. However, rather than doing it for their own nefarious purposes, they do it so that they can tell you and your IT team what the specific weaknesses of your system are. Ethical hackers can work with your IT consultants to help you find the best methods of plugging any holes they find.

A real-life Trojan horse?

Of course, you should be very careful about anyone you hire to poke in around your systems, especially if they have access to your most sensitive and valuable data. When you hire an IT consultant or an ethical hacker, it might be wise to perform a background check just to make sure they have no history of using that talent to criminal ends. You might even want to perform similar checks for those you hire in future. Otherwise, you could have a real life Trojan stealing your data instead of a digital one.

The threat from within

Indeed, your team can be a risk. But it’s not always intentional. They can use tech to drastically improve your business but if they’re not taking net security as seriously as they should, they can be the weak link in your chain. Leaving workstations logged on when they shouldn’t be, losing the password to outsiders because they use the same password for everything, accessing sensitive data from unsecured locations. These are all ways your team could end up endangering the business’s livelihood. Ensure that ongoing digital security training is one of the biggest focuses in your plan to tackle those virtual risks.

Invest in deeper, more comprehensive security, a more informed workforce and the trust you need in them. Your data is too valuable, and your business is too vulnerable without it.

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