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Turn your life around with Mindfit

Are you fatigued? Suffering from a lack of motivation? Do you feel stressed or even depressed? Turn your life around and focus on the positive things in your life with Mindfit!


Are you fatigued? Suffering from a lack of motivation? Do you feel stressed or even depressed? Turn your life around and focus on the positive things in your life with Mindfit. According to the app it will help you “have a better day”. I’m not stressed nor depressed, I feel pretty good. However I do think it’s a good idea to be aware of the positive things in your life and I’m not sure I always am. So let’s see if Mindfit can change that!

What are some good things in your life?

MindfitWhen I start the app it really wants me to start by adding positive experiences and events. I surrender and after tapping the corresponding button, a text appears, which I am reluctantly going to read. A warning upfront, Mindfit explains a lot, basically everything you choose to do comes with an explanation. Though I do understand this, you might want to use the app another time if you’re not in the mood to read! The explanatory text tells me that I need to add positive experiences in order to focus on all those good things. Makes sense. You can choose to add a good experience, achievement, praise, things you like and something you did to make someone else happy. I decide to take an easy route and add some things I like. For example, i love a good tv show. So I add a description, picture of my recent addiction and I link the feeling I feel happy to it. After adding a few things, my board looks pretty positive to me.

What do you need help with?

Mindfit AppWhen you tap on the “Your info” button Mindfit wants information. The app asks you to set a main goal in the first step. We have already established my originality by the things I like, so I’m going to continue on that path. You can choose multiple main goals (3 max.) I choose to Take better care of my health, because you can’t go wrong with wanting to take care of yourself. In the 7 steps that follow you are asked when you feel you should -in my case- take better care of your health, how you feel when you aren’t doing it and how you would rank those thoughts. In the last step you get to choose a picture to link to the characteristic you need to achieve your main goal(s) and after this you get a summary of all your given answers.

The questions are designed to really make you think about what you want to achieve. While writing this review I didn’t sit down with the idea I wanted to change my life. So I didn’t take a whole lot of time going through the steps. But if you truly want to become aware of things you do, the way of questioning helps.

What else can you do in Mindfit?

Mindfit offers tips, like a breathing and relaxation exercise. If you tap “Goals”you will be able to add subgoals to help you achieve your main goal. For example, I chose Take better care of your health as my main goal. Wanting to work out 4 times a week or getting a gym membership are subgoals. However, what annoys me about this part of the app is that I want to be able to add several subgoals. Every time I want to set a new subgoal, the previous one gets bumped to the “See old goals” categories. Why can’t we have multiple subgoals? I also don’t understand the layout of the “My successes and goals” page. I don’t want to have to tap on “See old goals”, especially when there is more than enough room on the right side to place them. And what is my answer to a question I got asked during the “Your info”steps doing there?

Do I want Mindfit?

If you are serious about focussing on the positive things in your life and you are willing to use the app 3 to 4 times a week as recommended by Mindfit, this is a good app for you. I like the overall look of the app and I’m a big fan of the Good Things board. The board is a great reminder of all the amazing things you did and/or still do in your life. As stated before I also enjoy the way of questioning, as it really makes you think about the way you do certain things. However, the app could benefit from some usability improvements. You don’t want to get frustrated by an app that is supposed to make you less stressed!

Mindfit is available in the Google Play App Store for $2,99. You can purchase the app by using a Google Play Gift Card, which you can find on

This review was written by Miriam de Groot, owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5. She works as a web editor for

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