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Twitter finally lets you search DMs for keywords

It’s about damn time.

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The latest update coming to Twitter is a big one. Now, you can finally search your DMs for keywords, to surface specific conversations without scrolling.

That’s a big deal. Prior to this, you could only search for which friends you were having conversations with, or the name of group chats. That update was fine, but really not that useful in the grand scheme of things.

Now you can search for any keyword you want. Know you’ve got a killer BBQ sauce recipe from a friend but can’t remember how far back you spoke?

Search for “BBQ sauce” and search will show you results for everything in your inbox. That will still include people and groups, but now it’ll show individual messages as well.

That’s the latest improvement to Twitter DMs, which first got the ability to search for people back in 2019. Okay, iOS Twitter users got the ability to search in 2019; Android users had to wait until 2021.

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Then Twitter added the ability to send multiple, but separate, DMs instead of creating group chats. The company also added a “quick-scroll button” to go back to the latest message, and the ability to pin up to six conversations to the top of your inbox.

DM keyword search on Twitter is great. What’s even better is that the company is rolling it out to everyone, on all platforms, at the same time.

We can’t remember the last time Twitter didn’t leave at least one platform out when they added a new feature.

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