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Two-factor authentication: Know its importance and how to use it in your company

Should I use two-factor authentication even if my company is small? The answer is always yes.

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You have probably had to use two-factor authentication to use a service from the biggest brands in the market like Apple or Google right? Did you also find it quite safe and interesting? But do you think it would be very difficult to use in your company? Learn what two-factor authentication is and see how easy it is to use and integrate with an existing system.

Several large, security-conscious companies have used two-factor authentication. With the tightening of digital laws in the way user data is stored, companies are looking for increasingly effective solutions to validate any type of action by their users. On a broader scale, this works like a police background check in Australia.

What is two-factor authentication?

It is an additional security feature that is used by several online service providers. It works as an extra layer of security for a login process, for example, where the user is required to provide another way to validate its authenticity.

Among the main online services companies that use two-step authentication are:

In theory, two-step authentication is that you must have something more, and not just the password, to log in for example.

Is it safe to use two-step authentication?

So far, two-step authentication is the best alternative in terms of protection and security. In addition to protecting the service provider, it offers a benefit to the end user, who is notified when someone has guessed their password, for example.

As noted above, if you have received two-factor authentication on your device and do not recognize the attempted login, you must take the following precautions:

  • change your passwords
  • revalidate your devices where you have saved passwords;
  • scan your devices for viruses or malware.

By taking these precautions, you guarantee the security of your account and keep your data safe with the help of two-step authentication.

How do I use two-factor authentication?

In general, a unique TOKEN or PIN is sent to the user to prove their authenticity. There are several ways to implement and use two-factor authentication to ensure the security of your users, we list them below and their advantages.

Two-factor authentication by SMS

SMS is the most used way to validate the authenticity in two factors because the vast majority of users carry their cell phones at all times. Thus, the services can guarantee that users will receive the verification PIN or TOKEN.

Advantages of using SMS in two-factor authentication:

  • guaranteed delivery
  • fast delivery
  • low cost
  • easy integration

Two-factor authentication by email

Email is also widely used by large companies, such as Google and Steam (producer of electronic games), to perform another form of validation. Most of the time a code is sent to the registration email.

Email has some disadvantages compared to SMS, we list them below:

  • the email password can be the same, allowing the hacker to access both;
  • the email may not reach the user due to problems with SMTP servers;
  • its implementation is more difficult.

Other two-factor authentication methods

There are many other ways to verify the authenticity of users, we will list some below:

Biometrics (used in companies to validate the entry and exit of employees);
Authenticator via QR Code;
USB devices;
Digital certificates;
Digital signatures.

Should I use two-factor authentication even if my company is small?

The answer is certain: YES! Regardless of the size of your company, ensuring the safety of your users brings seriousness and extra security to your service contractor. The double factor of authentication is a layer of security that must be considered, after all, we are all subject to virtual attacks and theft of information and, with the application, it is possible to protect ourselves from an increasingly connected world.

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