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Use cases for simulation modeling & analysis

Companies need to be sure what they’re putting on the market won’t just break down in a matter of seconds.

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We’ve all heard of virtual reality and how it transports us to a different world, to a new world. It’s the exact same thing with simulation modeling. With the increasing competition and level of risk, companies need to be sure what they’re putting on the market won’t just break down in a matter of seconds. And they do this with simulation modeling and analysis. 

What is simulation modeling and analysis?

Companies and businesses take a considerable risk when they put their products on the market, especially since they spent tons of money manufacturing the commodity. What if the product can’t survive in the weather conditions of their main country of distribution? What if the structure of the product isn’t sound enough to stand in the real world? 

Now, if there was some way for you to see how your product would do when you send it out to the homes of people all around the world, would you take it? Of course! 

Businesses take their product and put it into a virtual reality world that’s an exact copy of ours, building it the same as real life. They then take their product and test it to see how it does or how it would do in our world. This information is then analyzed and used to determine whether putting the product on the market would be a good idea. 

Mining industry

In the mining industry, people literally have to dig holes into the ground and there are a lot of risks that come with that. People need to use a mining simulation to test whether they can actually mine in this area or not.

They check for a couple of other things as well, including:

  • The best vantage point to start digging the tunnels 
  • How far they can mine into the earth 
  • Which areas to avoid when they’re mining
  • Whether the tunnels will collapse or not, and if they will, how long it will take them to. 

Defense industry 

Simulation modeling and analysis are crucial in the defense business. Companies need to check if the weapons they’re creating are reliable, especially if they’re selling to governments. 

Simulation modeling and analysis would help determine a lot of things, including:

  • Whether all the various parts can work together
  • Whether the guns are malfunctioning in certain weather conditions 
  • Whether the gun and bullet actually work together and which type of bullet would be the best choice. 

Highway and road industry 

When building a highway, engineers need to know how much force and weight the road would be able to withstand. This road would need to cope with millions of cars rushing back and forth all day long. And if it can’t, tons of lives would be at risk. 

In order to prevent a catastrophe like this, engineers would use a simulation model and analysis, checking things like:

  • The structural integrity of the highway 
  • The impact of weather on the highway 
  • Whether the area they want to build the highway can stand it or not.

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