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Why use a vaporizer pen?

In the market for a vaporizer pen? We’ll offer some tips so you make the best informed decision.

Notey Vape Pen

Cannabis culture includes people who rather smoke a joint but many now are learning that technology has evolved to the point where we can absorb THC without putting our health at risk. We no longer need to inhale toxins with the use of vaporizers.

The Vape Pen has become the most popular way to vaporize not only dry herbs but concentrates as well. Here, we will learn how to make the correct choice when looking for the right vaporizer.

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Vaporizing dry herbs is entirely different than concentrates. Many do not know that there is an extremely important factor when choosing a vaporizer pen for this material. If you have an illness or want to fully vape your dry herb, you may want to purchase a convection vape. It is tough to find this in the form of a pen but the Atmos Boss vaporizer just happens to use the convectional heating method providing pure vapor.

If you are a fan of rolling a joint and smoking, a conduction vaporizer may be the solution for you. Most pen style devices will use the conduction heating method. This may combust your dry herb or get close enough to combustion in order to release smoke when used with glass screens. 

Vaporizing concentrates is pretty much the opposite. Majority of enthusiasts recommend conduction vaporizers for solid concentrates, wax and thick oil. Most pen vapes use either a ceramic coil or the new quartz coil which is nowadays considered better and more efficient.


The Dream Vaporizer was recently released by The Kind Pen which provides both a ceramic coil as well as a Quartz coil so that you can decide for yourself, which one suits you better. Many have complained that a convectional vaporizer for concentrates does not produce enough clouds and creates “soup” out of the material.

Vaping also increases potency of medical marijuana therefore allowing you to get more out of the plant rather than smoking. Huffington Post has done extensive research in this matter with an additional video explaining the reason why smokers should change to vaporizing.

Smoking vs. Vaping explains how having herbs heated to a certain controlled temperature will release the THC without the harmful toxic smoke allowing your body to absorb it more efficiently as well as being a healthier alternative. Please watch the video by clicking “smoking vs vaping” above to learn more.  

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