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Useful 3D shortcuts for your iPhone

3D Touch is an amazing innovation for iPhones. We rounded up all of our favorite shortcuts below.

3D Touch

3D Touch is an amazing innovation for iPhones. We rounded up all of our favorite shortcuts below.

3D Touch on the iPhone may seem more flashy than practical for many of the uses that you put your smartphone through every day. The system itself uses sensors to measure the pressure you place on the screen and provides several options depending on how hard you press down. It’s really neat once you get used to it.

I’ve been using 3D touch for a while now and I found some really cool uses for it. What follows are the most interesting shortcuts you can use when activating the 3D Touch for your iPhone.

Camera Modes

3d touch iphone

Save time going through different camera modes by using 3D Touch on the icon for the Camera App.

  • From Settings > Photos & Camera > Preserve Settings > Turn On Camera Mode

Now, you can activate your favorite camera mode quickly and never have to worry about going into video mode when you do not want.

Clear Notifications

Clearing away notifications is easier than ever thanks to this system. Just press down on the X located in the notification center at the top which will clear away all the notifications from your iPhone.


You can skim through your contact lists far quicker using the 3D Touch which lets you prioritize the ones that you use the most frequently.

Cursor Control

If you must navigate through blocks of text, you can hard press anywhere on the keyboard and it will go grey. Now you can use your finger to move the cursor around in the text so you can choose what you want. This is a handy feature to have when trying to sort through text.

Flashlight Intensity


There are three intensity settings on your flashlight that you can access with the 3D Touch system through the iOS Control Center. Simply activate the icon for the Flashlight and it will highlight the three levels of intensity available so you can choose which one you want for this occasion.

Get Directions

Apple Maps uses 3D Touch that lets you shortcut the command to get directions back home in an instant. You do not have to fumble through the program as a few taps will provide the information.

Notifications from Uber

You can expand notification using the 3D Touch without having to open them fully. You can do this with an Uber alert that will provide information on the driver’s location and allow you to send a message if needed.

Preview Safari Links

The smaller screen makes it tricky sometimes to browse the web, but the 3D Touch makes it easier. Just tap lightly on the Safari link and you can preview a page without having to go there. It’s a “peek and pop” way of using the system which saves time. If you have the Google search app, you can preview webpages as well as map links. Plus, you can start a new search by touching the “G” icon.

Prioritize Downloading Apps

During the download of a app, you will see an icon that resembles a timer on the screen. With that, you can use the 3D Touch to prioritize a download by putting at the top of the queue with all the other apps you are downloading as well. Simply activate the icon with the 3D Touch and choose Prioritize Download and it will be completed.

These are just a few of the many shortcuts that the 3D Touch system provides to your iPhone.

Image: Gizmodo

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