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User acquisition explained by the SEO expert Roy Hinkis

Roy Hinkis advises companies to embrace all relevant online marketing channels that exist today, from social media ads to SEO.

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Efficient user acquisition strategies are the driving forces behind all successful apps and websites. Businesses need to have users to generate revenue and market their apps, websites, products, and services. In fact, having users is the best social proof that potential users consider when choosing a business. Getting those users is becoming harder and harder because customers are becoming less trustworthy of brands. Plus, there is also much more competition out there than ever before. 

With over 12 years of SEO and digital marketing experience, Roy Hinkis is the best specialist to clarify user acquisition. Roy Hinkis started his SEO journey when the Internet and online marketing drastically changed. Since then, thanks to his vast experience, he has built a career as a digital marketing expert and SEO consultant. Roy is best known for providing valuable insights and forecasts on online marketing, optimizing content, improving conversion rates, web performance, user experience, and Google penalty recovery. 

Being one of the best experts in the industry, Roy Hinkis was featured in multiple online publications, including Business Insider, Yahoo, MOZ, and The Next Web. And, in an interview published in SimilarWeb’s Lead Generation Leaders series, he explained not only how to get more users, but also how to get the right ones based on his philosophy on user acquisition. 

Roy Hinkis explains that to attract the right users, businesses must focus on several different marketing channels that are relevant these days. He points out that SEO, growth hacking, Adwords, LinkedIn ads, and Facebook ads are equally relevant and essential to attract more users. However, he explains that, based on his philosophy, each marketing channel must be treated differently, considering the specific audience found there. Moreover, aspects like the relevance of the channel to different stages of the funnel and strategies to achieve optimal ROI are also critical.  

He points out that the right approach to user acquisition is to be open-minded about finding the best strategy to reach the targets you set. For example, in some cases, SEO might not be the winning strategy, and you might have to switch your focus from SEO to PPC. By doing so, you use the most appropriate channel in the most efficient way. 

As for the biggest trends that impacted user acquisition over the last few years, Roy Hinkis provides some valuable insights about how the landscape is changing. He explains that to attract the right users, the landscape embraced a game-changing trend: audience targeting. 

He points out that over the last few years, everything about user acquisition changed as everything became “super-personalized”. From Facebook ads to Google search results, online marketing is now about placing the right content in front of the right pair of eyes. For example, Google’s machine learning update called RankBrain introduced a higher level of personalization to search results. Let’s say, for instance, that Google users search for a specific type of service. The results will include only companies that provide that service in the geographical area of the users. 

Roy Hinkis advises companies to embrace all relevant online marketing channels that exist today, from social media ads to SEO. However, he also suggests brands to keep their focus on SEO and Google for user acquisition. So, companies should diversify their marketing channel choices and keep their options open until they find the ideal user acquisition strategy. 

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