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Using popups to grow your business

Put people first and don’t try to increase the conversion by intrusive formats. Good luck!

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Popups are an ambiguous element that is often used in the development of online business. 10 years ago, the benefits of using popups were obvious. This was a new type of advertising that attracted the attention of the audience and motivated them to perform certain actions. People were interested in what would happen if they pressed a button.

As for today, some experts deny the efficiency of the method, while others advocate the use of popups. In this article, we will figure out in which cases popups will be useful and how to make them work for the development of your business.

What Are Correct Popups?

The main goal of popups is to show important info and motivate you to perform targeted actions. When they first appeared, the conversion of the websites with popups was fantastic. Now people perceive popups with caution. They will press a button or fill out the form only if it presents a 100% profitable offer or a bonus. However, if you combine a good popup design with a good offer, the loyalty of potential customers will not suffer.

The experience of large companies has shown that users are loyal to popups if:

  • They get feedback or a bonus;
  • Content is interesting for the client;
  • The mechanism of interaction does not go beyond standard situations.

There will always be people who are negative about the different elements of the UI. Someone does not like animated logos, others are annoyed by the non-standard scrollbars. It’s impossible to please everyone. Users come to the site to solve a specific problem. If the interface helps with this task, then it is done correctly

How to Make an Effective Popup?

If you want your popups to work — these tips will improve their efficiency:

1) Share valuable content

If you want to interrupt the user’s experience on the site with popups, the proposal should be powerful and relevant. Request to share an e-mail or create an account and give a bonus in return. People will not give their contacts if they are not sure that they will receive something valuable.

2) Choose the right time

On some sites, popups begin to appear from the first seconds. A person hasn’t had enough time to understand whether they will find interesting information on the page, and they are already seduced from all sides by different offers. Requests to register or give an email must be offered on time. Ideally, 20-30 seconds after the start of the visit.

3) Think broader

Some designers follow stereotypes, so they forget about the importance of user experience. It is not necessary to place a subscription form for updates, etc. The audience doesn’t like standard scripts. Use creative ideas, think about the audience, and try to solve its problems.


Popups can positively affect the engagement of the audience if the designer knows the preferences of the users and the developer creates an ideal working mechanism. Put people first and don’t try to increase the conversion by intrusive formats. Good luck!

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