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Using TikTok to market your business 

There are three major ways to market your brand on TikTok, and they’re all valid, so it might be worth pursuing all three options. 

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Social media is an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing a business. Without social media, you can’t effectively reach your audience and figure out what they want from your brand. Communication and engagement both become degrees more difficult without active social media channels.

Establishing a presence across multiple channels is also important because there are different demographics on each platform. Reaching them should be the goal of every business; even if you’re not explicitly marketing to a certain demographic, having brand awareness among everyone you can reach is a good idea.  

The most recent social media phenomenon is undoubtedly Chinese startup ByteDance’s TikTok. If you don’t have a TikTok account and you don’t know anyone who does, it’s a short-form video app that allows users to upload short videos of up to a minute in length.

The app has taken off among younger users, offering them the chance to express themselves through comedy, music, and other avenues. Some of the most popular celebrities of the moment, including Lewis Capaldi, Lizzo, and Ariana Grande, are on TikTok. Not having the app isn’t quite a badge of shame among young people, but it’s an extremely popular app. 

With that in mind, then, it should already be obvious that using TikTok to market your business is a must. You’ll reach a young demographic, which is vital for certain products, you’ll establish yourself as a major social media player, and you’ll be able to keep up with constantly evolving trends. All of these are crucial if you want to make sure your brand is visible online.

Marketing on TikTok is different in some ways to doing so on other social media platforms because the way the app works isn’t quite the same. There are three major ways to market your brand on TikTok, and they’re all valid, so it might be worth pursuing all three options. 

Setup your Profile and Branding  

The first thing you can do is a brand is to start a TikTok channel yourself and get to posting some content. In many ways, it’s actually quite hard to do this, because although the actual act of starting up your TikTok channel is easy, engaging with people in an organic way is far from it. You need to make sure that your content isn’t overly workshopped or artificial, because a huge part of TikTok’s appeal is its homegrown community feel. If you contravene that feel, you’ll only find yourself at the receiving end of complete apathy from the community at large. Try to craft videos that feel organic and well-made.  

You could also consider using a service that offers free TikTok followers; this way, you can grow your following without needing to compete with other brands. Bear in mind that there are many unscrupulous websites out there that will claim to offer free TikTok followers, which later turn out to be bots or malicious entities. Be sure that the site you’re opting for when you’re looking for a free follower service is reputable, friendly, and reliable. Of course, you should do this alongside crafting relatable and relevant content for your channel. 

Part of the way you can do that is to keep an eye on what’s currently trending. Creating engaging content is more important than blatantly promoting your brand; if you make videos people like, they’ll flock to you organically. Make your videos according to what the community is currently into, whether that’s lip-syncing musical challenges, comedy skits, or cringe videos. TikTok is one of the most community-focused apps out there, far more so than Facebook or Twitter, thanks to its demographic. It’s a good idea to have someone on your team who understands this and who knows how to tailor content to make it both organic and a successful marketing device. 

Partnerships are just as important 

The third way to market on TikTok is perhaps easier for brands that aren’t confident in making content themselves. Reach out to TikTok influencers and ask to partner with them to promote your service or product. Again, it’s important to get this right. The TikTok influencers you reach out to should reflect your brand’s core values and should appeal principally to the demographic you’re focusing on.

Picking the wrong influencer could have disastrous consequences for your campaign, because you might look out of touch and because you might not reach the people you want to reach. Do extensive research on influencers before you reach out to them to ask for a partnership.  

It’s also important if you want to market yourself on TikTok, to establish a presence for yourself on other social networks. This means that you can cross-promote content and publicize your TikTok videos on other networks, creating a dialogue between platforms. You’ll also reap the benefits of each network appealing to different people, ensuring that your audience is cosmopolitan.

Influencers may also have multiple accounts; although some will exclusively make TikTok their home, others will have a profile on each service, so those are the influencers you want to reach out to in order to have the best maximum reach for your campaign. Remember that influencers aren’t brands; they’re people, and people have preferences, so if they don’t like your campaign or your brand, they’re fully within their rights to reject you. 

You can also Pay to be seen

TikTok also has a paid advertising service you can use, which is the third way you can market your brand on the app. The service may be in its nascent stages when compared to something like Facebook, which has a much more established advertising platform, but TikTok can still drive growth for your brand through paid advertising.

In our opinion, this is a less effective way to drum up awareness for your brand simply because TikTok users favor content over all else; they’re less likely to pay attention to ads than they are to engage with creative, well-crafted videos. Still, if your brand is in need of a TikTok boost, the paid advertising program is more than worth it. 

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