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Virtual and augmented reality in the office of tomorrow

Work processes can be significantly optimized through the use of VR and AR applications.

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The use of augmented and virtual reality is constantly opening new opportunities for everyday office life. For example, an entire office park or office building can be set up or new products can be designed with the help of the technologies. 

This opens enormous potential for creative workers in particular. But screen workers in the office can also benefit significantly from the use of VR and AR glasses. Buy the RealWear HMT-1  or other innovative VR and AR glasses, and completely new worlds open to the user. 

Avatars for gestures and facial expressions in conference calls

Workers are increasingly offered the opportunity to work from their home office or on the road. As a result, meetings often take the form of conference calls. This allows several people to communicate with each other at the same time without having to be in the same place. 

In this area, virtual reality opens the possibility of meeting in a virtual conference format as avatars that bear a clear resemblance to the respective discussion partners. Compared to communication on the telephone, this offers the advantage of still being able to perceive facial expressions and gestures.

Nevertheless, the participants in the conversation do not have to sit in front of a camera themselves. This concept can also be used in the context of digital job interviews and training courses. 

The virtual open-plan office

Virtual reality also makes it possible to be present in the office at the same time and still work from the home office. Finally, if VR goggles are put on, digital offices can be entered. Typical problems associated with open-plan offices, such as high noise pollution, are thus a thing of the past. 

Augmented reality can also be used to fully furnish office spaces. In this case, the physical environment and the virtual extensions are superimposed. Workstations and employees can thus be superimposed live into the premises. Office space can thus be designed and used much more efficiently. In the long term, this can reduce the amount of office space required and cut travel costs. The environment also benefits greatly from this. 

Clear data analysis

Analyzing large amounts of data is not easy, for example in the course of results from simulations, scientific measurement results or large statistics databases. The overview is quickly lost. 

However, the analysis process can be greatly simplified by using virtual reality. Through a visual representation of the large amounts of data, developments and correlations can be recognized much more easily. 

Reduce health complaints

Working at a computer screen can certainly cause some health complaints. These are often triggered by an incorrect sitting posture, constant use of the mouse or a general lack of movement. By using ergonomic aids, some of these complaints can be reduced or avoided altogether. 

However, the best solution is to basically reduce the use of the screen, keyboard and mouse as much as possible. Augmented reality makes it possible to visualize statistics while just enjoying a delicious coffee in the park or to create a strategy plan while walking the dog – after all, objects can be projected anywhere in space. Since the physical environment continues to be perceived at all times, the mobility and flexibility of working is significantly increased. 

For many people, these remarks about the office of tomorrow still sound like pure dreams of the future, yet the market already offers an impressive selection of powerful VR and AR glasses. Work processes can be significantly optimized through the use of VR and AR applications. Companies benefit in the long term, especially through high cost savings.

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