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The virtual reality of mobile gambling

Virtual reality is changing how people gamble on mobile devices. Here’s how.

Virtual reality is changing how people gamble on mobile devices. Here's how.

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the norm, and it is all down to mobile smartphones. For those who aren’t up-to-date with the latest technology, Virtual Reality (VR) utilizes computer technology and software to generate a meticulous artificial environment. This Virtual Reality functionality allows the player to become part of the gaming experience as opposed to looking at the action on a screen. One becomes totally absorbed in this virtual reality experience with the help of cutting edge graphics, tracking capabilities and the mirroring of the user’s senses of vision, hearing, and touch.

Virtual Reality and smartphones have been drawn together due to several reasons. The first is that it is envisaged in the near future; mobile phone users will be able to purchase VR headsets, instead of ordinary headphones. This is because the costs of VR headsets are coming down as the likes of Apple and Samsung develop more affordable ways of enjoying Virtual Reality. Furthermore, this then leads to a wide range of VR interaction with all the aspects of mobile phone use, like gaming, communication, social media, and GPS.

Virtual Reality is also very easy and simple to use and understand. Users will be able to use their smartphones with VR apps to make the user experience a more compelling and captivating one. Another crucial reason is that the dwindling costs of acquiring a smartphone and comprehensive service plans which allow the user almost unlimited data usage; means that everyone can become totally engrossed in the virtual reality world without any worry of incurring additional charges.

This is why consumers are now seeing the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Gear VR, together with firms like Google working on VR designs and even schools using the VR technology to make learning more exciting and attractive.

In fact, this trend has already started to take hold, with Virtual Reality usage going through the roof in the last year; and studies have predicted that by 2018 there should be at least 171 million active users. There is no reason to doubt these predictions, with VR technology rampant this year at the ICE Totally Gaming Show at the Excel, London.

The online gaming industry is very competitive, innovative and by its very nature, embraces any new advances in technology; which can, in turn, enhance gaming services and widen their target audiences. So it is a near certainty that we will witness huge advancements over the next couple years. On the whole, online gambling in the United Kingdom is at least £3 billion per year and this figure continues to increase. Mobile gambling is an ever-growing part of this revenue, and recent studies have come to the conclusion that by 2020, it will account for 40% of all online gaming.

Virtual Reality has the potential of taking gambling to whole new level, as it is expected that punters could find themselves employing VR headsets to sit at a Blackjack table in a virtual casino, placing bets on the roulette table or joining others for game of poker; whilst they are actually sitting on the sofa at home! To get a better sense of what these look like, good examples can be found at AllOnlineCasinoSlots and Best Virtual Reality Casino.

If this sounds like an impossibility, one only needs to think back when players never expected to be accessing their online gambling account securely via their mobile devices, placing bets, and basically having the exact same user experience as if they were on their desktop machine.

If truth were known, this is exactly the type of technology, which is appealing to online gaming operators; Sportingbet – No.1 Online Betting site in the UK, as it has the potential to reach and attract a new audience. A perfect case in point is that at present, the average age of mobile gamblers and gamers is between 35 to 40. So that millennial have not shown as much interest in mobile and online casinos, compared to older generations.

Therefore, VR technology could be the perfect tool to transport Generation Y players and their friends to a poker table with James Bond in Casino Royale, or any popular casino in Las Vegas, or a friendly game of cards with the Goodfellas!

So it would be foolish to bet against Virtual Reality being a game changer in the mobile gambling space, and to be honest we can’t wait to experience this new virtual world of gambling!


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