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Vivaldi’s latest version 5.1 is here for desktop and Android

The latest version of this browser supports horizontal scrolling tabs, a reading list, and the quick settings panel for the start page on desktops.

vivaldi web browser desktop
Image: Vivaldi

Since the Vivaldi browser is popular for two-level tab stacks and other browsing features among desktop and Android users, Vivaldi 5.1 has arrived with more exciting features and options to streamline web browsing. 

The latest version of this browser supports horizontal scrolling tabs, a reading list, and the quick settings panel for the start page on desktops. Users can enjoy more theme colors and performance improvements on Android. 

All the older versions operating on both desktop and android devices are updated via a built-in software updating system. However, desktop users may need to visit Main Menu-> Help-> Check for Updates to get the latest version. 

Vivaldi 5.1 Update for the Desktop

Too many tabs open in the browser are useful but can quickly become overwhelmed and difficult to manage. This can ruin the overall browsing experience and reduce efficiency as well.

Luckily, Vivaldi 5.1 offers horizontal scrollable tabs on the desktop to let users navigate through tabs easily. This keeps tabs from getting smaller and helps users locate tabs easily.

If you often work with too many tabs at the same time, just turn the horizontal scrolling option on in settings by clicking Settings-> Tabs-> Tab Bar and Check Enable Horizontal Scrolling there.

Once enabled, you will see arrow icons on both sides to scroll through the tabs, or can use the mouse scroll to move tabs in the bar. Long press on the arrow icon will display a full list of tabs open in the browser.

Horizontal scrollable tabs when combined with two-level tab stacking can provide you with a streamlined browsing and tab management experience. 

Reading List

Do you often read blog posts or online articles to improve your industry knowledge or just to stay on top of trending things? Vivaldi has got you covered with its new reading list feature.

Vivaldi 5.1 allows users to save articles, blog posts, and eBooks that they want to read later on. This helps users continue reading easily without facing troubles.

vivaldi reading list feature
Image: Vivaldi

Furthermore, the reading list added to the desktop version focuses on blog posts and articles to track reading status. It also provides users with an optimized reading experience within the browser. 

You may need to enable reading list in Settings-> Address Bar-> Reading list -> Enable. Once done, you will see the reading list button on the extreme right of the address bar. Just visit a page you want to add to the list and hit ‘add current page’.

Quick Settings Panel for Start Page

The latest version of this browser comes with many new features and options for improved performance and efficiency. It is a browser for both Android and desktop devices with many customization features and options to improve web browsing across different devices. 

The quick setting panel allows users to customize the start and new tab page quickly right on the start page instead of visiting the settings page. The setting panel allows users to change the following settings:

  • Change the browser background 
  • Size and maximum columns of tiles
  • Show or hide titles
  • Display or hide Start Page navigation bar
  • Show or hide the Search bar

Vivaldi 5.1 for Android

Android users can also enjoy the latest version of the Vivaldi browser for improved performance and customization.

Vivaldi 5.1 for Android now offers boosted speed even if there are too many tabs open. As a result, you can open as many tabs as you need without experiencing slow speed and performance. 

Android users no can also define the minimum tab width as per their preferences. In this way, they can choose the way they want to view tabs. As an android user visit Settings-> Tabs -> Minimum tab width to change the tab width as you want. 

vivaldi color themes
Image: Vivaldi

Furthermore, Vivaldi 5.1 for Android has more color themes than before.

This means you can choose your favorite colors from the available four preset colors or can choose your own color to change the feel and look of your mobile browser. Just go to Settings -> Appearance -> Theme -> Accent color to choose the colors as per your mood. 

Have you tried Vivaldi’s latest version yet? If not, download Vivaldi 5.1 right now.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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