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Ways to increase customer loyalty

Here are some tips.

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Having loyal clients is the keystone to success for any business. Occasional customers tend to spend significantly less money than regular clients do. You can attract random people to purchase your product or service by using flashy advertising and other tricks.

However, building a trust-based relationship with a client will be much more beneficial for both parties. There are a couple of helpful strategies:

  • Provide the best customer service – It is essential for customers to be able to reach out to a staff member about a problem, misunderstanding, complaint, or suggestion. And what is more important – to be heard;
  • Make customer experience convenient – The best way to engage a customer is to make your service easy, quick and efficient. Think of ways to prevent your clients from standing in long lines, trying to figure out how to use your website or app, or reaching out for help, while getting no feedback;
  • Reward the clients – Any loyalty should be rewarded, and what is a better way to make it, than creating a loyalty program? Show your gratitude by giving your customers discounts, gifts, bonus points, exclusive offers, etc.

The electronic wallet application is an easy solution for businesses to incorporate all the features mentioned above.

Loyalty Program with M-Wallet

mWallet is a white label app, developed specifically to facilitate online transactions for both businesses and their customers. Wallet Factory carefully develops software for this digital payment platform in order to enhance the user’s experience. The price of white label app development depends on the required functions. Each application is fully customized and includes multiple features, which help win customers’ loyalty:

  • QR code payments – This technology allows you to pay for a product or service without leaving your car;
  • Loyalty cards – Digital wallets have a convenient soft which helps you to store all your cards in one place;
  • Methods of payment – Different payment methods are also supported. This includes credit cards, electronic money, bank accounts, etc.;
  • Pay for utilities –You will be able to pay your utility bills via this app. Paying for water, electricity or gas is even easier with a cashback feature;
  • Managing finances – The system is built in a convenient way, so every customer will be able to manage their money and transactions online. The interface is intuitive and easy to use;
  • Instant transactions – You can instantly send money to anyone using their phone number.

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