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Weld Money is adding Hacken’s native HAI token to its first cryptocurrency card

The global mission of the project is to connect the world of cryptocurrencies with traditional finance by creating a seamless payment solution

weld money
Image: Weld Money

As part of a strategic partnership, Weld Money, the company issuing the first cryptocurrency card in Eastern Europe, integrating HAI, the native token of the Hacken cybersecurity company, as a payment instrument.

Now, payments with the weld cryptocurrency card can be made in HAI. Weld Money and Hacken have been cooperating since September 2021, and adding the HAI token to the Weld payment infrastructure was another important joint initiative of the two companies.

The Hacken Token (HAI) is used to get membership in the Hacken Club, which allows members to use all Hacken B2C products for free, as well as receive a fixed profit (percentage depends on the member’s level).

HAI can be used to farm tokens of the projects launched within Hacken Foundation, a cybersecurity startup platform, and membership in the Hacken Club allows users to increase the number of farming profits.

Under the terms of cooperation:

  • Weld Money provides Hacken users (HAI token holders) with the opportunity to get a Hacken-designed payment card.
  • Users will be able to use the card to pay for goods and services only in HAI.
  • Hacken will be immediately redeeming all HAI tokens paid by cardholders for stablecoins. Thus, paying in HAI will not lead to a drop in the token’s value.

About Hacken

Hacken is an ecosystem of projects providing services in the field of corporate and individual cybersecurity. Hacken clients include 23 of the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as hundreds of decentralized finance and NFT projects.

In addition to Web 3.0 projects, Hacken cooperates with representatives of traditional sectors of the economy, including the world-famous airline Air Asia, as well as the public sector (in 2020, Hacken signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine).

One of Hacken’s main projects is, a cryptocurrency exchange safety rating integrated with CoinGecko’s trust rating, which is recognized by tens of millions of crypto enthusiasts around the world.

The list includes over 300 leading exchanges. Hacken sees its mission in developing infrastructure to protect blockchain projects and educating ordinary users in the basics of cybersecurity to transform the WEB 3.0 environment into a safe space for all parties.

About Weld Money

Weld Money is a payment service through which you can easily connect fiat cards to leading crypto exchanges and popular wallets in order to use cryptocurrencies to make purchases online or through a POS terminal at any point of sale around the world as easily as with fiat money.

Weld is the first crypto card provider to sign legal agreements with banks and regulators in the CIS region. The exchanges that Weld Money cooperates covers more than 70% of the cryptocurrency market.

The global mission of the project is to connect the world of cryptocurrencies with traditional finance by creating a seamless payment solution for regular and everyday expenses with minimal fees and support for any crypto wallet.

When paying via Google/Apple Pay, the bank transfers the fiat transaction to an overdraft (interest-free loan), and at this time, Weld instantly transfers the amount needed to purchase in cryptocurrency from the user’s balance to their corporate account within the selected cryptocurrency exchange.

The operation does not require prior replenishment of the card and, importantly, allows you to avoid high commissions for blockchain verification since it is carried out free of charge inside the exchange.

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