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What are Bitcoin’s key features?

Bitcoin is unregulated and anonymous and hence very volatile.

physical bitcoin on table
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Bitcoin is a form of digital currency and a global payment system. Unlike conventional currency, this digital money is created and held electronically, and no single entity controls this electronic money.

Moreover, no single entity can manipulate the value of this virtual currency or destabilize the network.

This virtual currency is also exchanged electronically by users via cryptographic addresses. There are third-party sites known as exchanges that help facilitate Bitcoin transactions.

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The creation of Bitcoin was so as not to serve as an alternative to fractional reserve banking; hence it differs in some pretty significant ways from traditional currency and payment systems. Here are a few essential features of this digital asset.

No middlemen

physical bitcoin on table
Image: Unsplash

The creation of Bitcoin came up as a way for people to send money via the internet.

This digital money is intended to remove intermediaries (including banks) from the equation. Hence, it operates without any central entity.

These digital money transactions are anonymous and have no ties to any country. As a result, it does not answer to government regulations.

In the end, it is easy and cheap to engage this digital money in international transactions. This digital money functions because of the technology that regulates it, which is the blockchain.

Blockchain is a digital ledger with chronological records of crypto transactions that any participant in the network can access and analyze.

As a result, this digital currency is transparent and unregulated.

It is safe and secure

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One of the biggest challenges holding back the extensive adoption of crypto is the fear that they are not safe and secure. There are various situations where fraudsters hack digital wallets.

Regardless, the security for the transmission and storing of this electronic money has improved significantly.

On the other hand, businesses must understand and account for security risks as they would if they used other payment methods or cash.

Therefore, entrepreneurs and Bitcoin users must understand this digital asset’s safety and security.

Transaction fees

Transaction fees are vital in the blockchain network because they help prevent spam transactions that could slow down or clog the network.

However, there’s a difference between the amount of Bitcoin sent and the amount received. 

In addition, transaction fees reflect the speed with which users want their transactions verified on the blockchain. Once miners validate a new block in the blockchain, they validate all the transactions.

Also, transaction fees have a basis on the data volume of the trade and the congestion of the network. 


This digital money is notoriously volatile. On average, it fluctuates more than the traditional currency.

As a result, it introduces potential unpredictability to your business and cash flow because it has been through some rough value swings. 

More so, Bitcoin is unregulated and anonymous and hence very volatile. This volatility is illustrated by Bitcoin’s price drop this fall, only for it to see new records high that week and later come back down at the start of 2018.

That unpredictable price movement poses a significant risk to the future success of digital assets. 

However, due to this volatility, it would be good to convert Bitcoin immediately unless you want to speculate on the crypto market.

Additionally, hundreds of new businesses are proposing to investors their virtual currency in exchange for capital.

That leads to investors getting stuck with tokens they can’t cash out. 

The bottom line

Generally, those are the main key features of this digital money.

Also, it is essential to note that most businesses accept Bitcoin to expand their market reach and reach the young generation.

In contrast, others take it because of the desire of customers. 

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