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What are flex connectors?

Flex connectors have a wide variety of other benefits that they can be used for.

flex connector

If you’re newer to the world of putting piping systems together, or if you just have an at-home project, then you may not have a complete picture of all the ins-and-outs of the industry. Flex connectors can be used for a wide variety of piping systems to help the piping system work the way that it should.

Why Use A Flex Connector?

Many flex connectors are used in piping systems to help the pipes become realigned if they’ve gotten knocked out of alignment over time or if the pipes have gotten knocked out of alignment due to mechanical vibrations.

Many flex connectors are also used to help cut down on the amount of noise that can take place along the pipe lines. This means that the flex connectors will absorb the vibrations, or “the noise” so that the pipe will be less affected and it will hold more sustainably over a long period of time.

Other Advantages Of Flex Connectors

In addition to the advantages above, flex connectors have a wide variety of other benefits that they can be used for. In instances when they are used in a rubber hose, expansion joint, or spherical connector wall, and all of these things are flexible, the flex connector has the advantage of being able to grow as needed. In these situations, the connectors will also be able to attenuate noise and vibration at blade-pass frequencies. These advantages can be most desirable in uninsulated piping systems.

Examples of this would include condenser water and domestic water because these items can sometimes run parallel to more noise-sensitive areas.

Resistant To Long-Term Temperature Effects

One other advantage of the flex connectors is their ability to resist the effects of long-term temperature changes in the piping systems that they’re placed into. This is an advantage for a wide number of reasons. It means that the flex connectors can be used outside where the weather will constantly be changing in temperature. It also means that the flex connectors can be used on pipes that will constantly be adjusting in temperature. Regardless of if the flex connectors are on a pipe that is transferring hot or cold water, or they’re on a pipe that is moving extremely hot steam, you won’t have to worry about them not getting the job done.

Available In Single Or Double Braided

With flex connectors, they can come in either a single braid or a double braid. This is great for you because it means that you can get the kind that you need in accordance to the project at hand. If you have a thicker pipe that will require a stronger flex connector, then you’ll have the option of going with a double braid.

Wide Variety Of Uses

Another great thing about flex connectors is their flexibility to be used in a large amount of different tools and applications.

A few examples are below:

  • Pumps
  • Electrical transformers
  • Almost any kind of fan
  • Motors- in vehicles or machinery
  • Air compressors

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