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What are jobs in cybersecurity like?

Here is some basic information about the growing field of cybersecurity.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Information Security Analysts (or cybersecurity experts) are in demand. The industry’s projected growth rate is much higher than the average of most occupations. In fact, the field is expected to grow 32 percent from 2018 to 2028. The average pay of an Information Security Analyst is $98,350, and the typical job requires a Bachelor’s degree.

While these statistics may be appealing, you may wonder what cybersecurity experts do. What kinds of jobs are there in the industry? How do you train for those jobs? Here is some basic information about the growing field of cybersecurity.

Computer and Information System Manager

Typically, the highest-paid position in cybersecurity is the Computer and Information System Manager. This individual plans and directs the computer-related activities in an organization. The average salary is over $142,000 per year, and a Bachelor’s degree plus experience in a lesser field is required.

The Computer and Information System Manager may be in charge of all areas of security for an organization. From setting up security camera systems to set up firewalls, all aspects of corporate security are covered by this individual.

Forensic Computer Analyst

A Forensic Computer Analyst is like a cyber detective. They look for evidence of security breaches and analyze systems for holes. They work to recover data from damaged devices and keep track of all their findings so they can be used in a court of law.

The average salary of a Forensic Computer Analyst is over $73,000, and it requires a Bachelor’s degree in a cybersecurity-related field.

Penetration Tester

Penetration Testers are ethical hackers who test computer network systems by trying to break into them. Ethical hackers may try to break into systems by discovering vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems. Still, they also may try to break in by visiting the client’s office to see what kind of information can be discovered in trash receptacles and the desks of employees.

Penetration testers earn a little over $84,000 per year on average. A Bachelor’s degree and experience are required for the job.

Security Architect

While architects design structures, a Security Architect designs a computer security structure. They also set up policies and procedures for employees and clients who have access to the organization’s network and data systems.

A Security Architect makes over $122,000, and a Bachelor’s degree in a cybersecurity field is required for the position.

Cybersecurity Sales

A Cybersecurity Sales professional sells computer security products to businesses and other organizations. They work closely with business owners and IT professionals to find the right product for the industry.

A cybersecurity sales professional should have a background in technology, but he or she may not need a degree in a computer-related industry. The average salary of a salesperson in cybersecurity is $102,000.

As you can see, there are many options for someone interested in going into cybersecurity. Most professionals are highly compensated, but the job requires lots of technical training and, at minimum, a four-year degree.

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