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What are SharePoint web parts?

Microsoft’s SharePoint platform is a unique software-based solution, originally designed to provide employees with deep, effective collaboration.

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From a developer’s perspective, a web part is essentially a user-managed tool, packaged and installed at the site collection level, for reuse across all sites within it. From the end user’s perspective, this is one unit of reusable components that can be added to a SharePoint page to perform a specific task.

Web parts are key elements of SharePoint pages. They help users directly change the content and appearance of SharePoint pages. You can use the web parts to change the content, appearance, and behavior of a SharePoint site. Web parts can be added to SharePoint page zones and then customized to create a unique page.

What Are the Free Web Parts Available?

There are a lot of free web parts that everyone can use, such as “Bing maps,” that adds a map to your page, and “button part,” which easily adds a button to your page with your label and link. Also, “divider,” that inserts a line between other parts of the web to make your page easier to parse and easier to read, etc. All available free web parts you can find in the SharePoint store.

2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 Web Parts

Over the years, significant changes have occurred in SharePoint versions ( The product has improved tremendously. With each release, the company added new features and rearranged others. Let’s take a look at some most recommended Virto Software features of SharePoint Web Parts.

  • SP Calendar Web Part – shows you all your events from different calendars, has different views for easy navigation and directions
  • Bulk File Upload – Quickly upload multiple files to a SharePoint list or document library by simply selecting files and clicking the upload button.
  • Password Reset and Recovery – Allows each user logged in to the SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 portal to reset their password without having to contact an administrator.

Adding a Web Part

All users can add and customize the web parts that are part of your page ( It is possible to add text, pictures, files, videos, dynamic content, and more. By adding applications from different sources, you can significantly extend the functionality of your website.

  • To select multiple built-in SharePoint applications, such as Wiki Page Library, go to the site settings and click add the application.
  • If you have custom SharePoint applications specifically designed for your organization, you can browse installed applications in the “your apps” and then clicking “from your organization.”
  • If you want to search an app given by a third-party developer, like Virto Software, browse SharePoint Store.

Editing a Web Part

If you need to change the appearance, features, layout, and other elements of the web parts you install, you can edit them directly on the page to which the web part is attached. To start, you need to change the page, and then you can edit the web part. In the Web Part toolbar, you can find commonly used properties like “Selected View,” “Toolbar,” and “Appearance.” If you need to move a part of the web through the page, all you need to do is open the “edit” option on the page tab. After that, select the part of the web and drag it to the desired location on the page. Click “save” and “close.” Editing is easy, and everyone can do it.


VirtoSoftware is a team of professionals designing and working with innovative SharePoint Web Parts. The Microsoft SharePoint platform is a unique software-based solution, originally designed to provide employees with deep, effective collaboration. They can help improve the content, layout, and set of scripts on certain pages through a web-based interface, making your work more productive and easier. Besides, web parts can be installed to handle narrow and specialized tasks. As a result, VirtoSoftware is a leading provider of online parts offering a wide range of advanced SharePoint capabilities.

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