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What are the different types of games available on smartphones?

As smartphone devices continue to become more powerful technologically, we’ll likely see bigger and more complex games launch on mobile devices.

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Gaming has never been more popular, and with the technology available today, it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including on smartphone devices. But what are the different types of games you can play on your smartphone device? Let’s take a look!

Mobile-Based Games

Since the launch of smartphones, there have been mobile-based games available to play. These are rather basic in design and can either be free-to-play and rammed with ads or require a one-time payment. These games are great for quick sessions, but they usually don’t feature groundbreaking gameplay mechanics or jaw-dropping visuals, but they can be incredibly fun to play.

In fact, some mobile-based games have gone on to become hugely successful such as the Candy Crush games, the Angry Birds series which led to a movie, Fruit Ninja, and so many other titles too.

Casino Games

Casino games can also be played on smartphone devices. According to Smartphonecasinos, you can either play in-browser (Through your phone’s internet browser) or through dedicated mobile apps. This allows you to play a range of casino games including video slots, jackpots, table games, live casino content, and plenty more as long as you’re registered with a UK online casino website.

In addition to playing casino games, anyone who logs into casino sites on mobile devices can also make deposits, request withdrawals, claim promotions, access customer support, and more. Finally, these casino games are all packed with fun features and visuals, and provide players with a chance at winning real money!

Console Video Games

Thanks to modern technology, most video game home consoles allow you to stream console games to your mobile devices. You’ll need apps like PlayStation Remote Play and the Xbox Game Pass app for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles respectively. Through these apps, you’ll be able to enjoy all triple-A video games like Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto 5, The Last Of Us series, Halo games, as well as so much more.

Naturally, performance will depend on your internet connection, but you’ll be able to enjoy games with deep and complex gameplay as well as some of the most life-like graphics around. All of this combines to offer a fun and unforgettable gaming experience.

What’s The Future Of Mobile Gaming?

As smartphone devices continue to become more powerful technologically, we’ll likely see bigger and more complex games launch on mobile devices akin to console games. What’s more, with the rising trend of virtual reality, we wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see VR games launch on smartphone devices, although this will likely be a long way off.

Until then, there’s plenty to enjoy on our current devices, whether that’s simple games to play on a commute, deeper home console video games streamed directly to your device, or fun casino games which offer chances to win real money, there’s plenty to play and keep yourself entertained with.

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