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What entertainment gadgets should you pack while traveling?

What gadgets should you bring on a trip? 

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No one wants to be traveling with a heavy suitcase. With traveling rules having limits on the weight of the number of items you can bring to a plane, you have limited options on what you can travel with. This limits your option for entertainment gadgets that you can bring with you on your next trip.

There are plenty of gadgets that are not only lightweight but also entertaining enough to keep you joyful throughout the trip. Here are a few gadgets to carry with you during your next trip:

Portable DVD Players

Smartphones have almost become the default sources of entertainment when out and about. The bad news is that they don’t come with the screen size or the experience that can only be offered by a portable DVD player. The best portable DVD player can not only support disk-bound entertainment but also help you watch downloaded content. You can keep up with your latest series and movies while traveling.

They also come in a variety of styles, with some allowing you to use them as a laptop. As for battery life, you can enjoy a cliffhanger-less movie experience that would have been disrupted by the devices running out of juice. Weight should also not be an issue. Manufacturers have been creating lightweight, portable DVD players to not only make it easy to transport but also help you stay within the weight limits while flying.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Flights combine all types of strangers, from crying babies to people who will always want to start a conversation with you. In most cases, you might only want to relax, listen to some music, or enjoy some peace. That’s how noise-canceling headphones can help you out.

They filter different wavelengths of sound, limiting the sound that gets to your ears to only the sounds you want to hear. Don’t worry about missing in-flight announcements or communicating with flight attendants. By pressing a single button, you can get to concentrate on such announcements of communications without removing your headphones.


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Do you love reading books? While your daily schedule might not allow you to catch up with all your favorite novels, you can use your travel time to read through them. Sure, there are plenty of e-reader apps that you can download on the internet, but reading from a phone is no match to the effects of reading from an e-reader.

Modern e-readers will cause less strain to your eyes than your smartphone will. They are also backlit, helping you read in darker environments, which would require you to use an overhead light if you were reading a book. You can also avoid being left with cliffhangers during your flight since they have a long battery life that doesn’t get drained as fast as that of your phone. When it comes to storage, you can store as many books as possible for your flight.

Portable Game Consoles

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Do you love playing games, but are frustrated that the games on your phone aren’t console-quality? Lucky for you, Nintendo and other console manufacturers had you in mind when creating their portable consoles. In the case of Nintendo, you can carry the console onto an airplane, or even connect it to your TV while at home.

Unlike past portable consoles, modern portable consoles do not suffer from battery and technological constraints. You get to enjoy your game as if you are playing it from home. Other features such as kickstands at the back of the console can also make it easy for you to support the gadget as you get immersed in your favorite game. Since you have all the time while on the plane, why not beat some past high scores in your games?


In-flight or travel entertainment can turn hours of travel into a memorable time. Besides, these are hours that you don’t have to be working or cleaning your home. Consider purchasing the above gadgets to make traveling more enjoyable.

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