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What if my password manager gets hacked?

The best thing you can do is take the necessary measures to prevent hacking from happening in the first place.

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You may be using a password manager like Dashlane to keep all your passwords secure and in one place.

Password managers are convenient because they eliminate the need to remember long and complex passwords. Also, they can create strong passwords, and most password manager apps come with additional features. 

Most third-party password managers are highly rated for security, so hacking should not be an issue, but you never know; password managers have been hacked before. What do you do if your password manager gets hacked? 

How Secure Are Password Managers?

Because password managers use many security methods, they are not all that vulnerable to hacking. 

However, this is not to say that they never get hacked because the reality is that most password managers have suffered a security breach at one point or another. 

Security Features 

So, what kind of security features do password managers use to keep you and your information secure?

AES-256 Encryption

The best password managers use AES-256 encryption. This is a world-class encryption protocol used by governments, militaries, banks − you get the idea. It’s the best form of encryption used to keep your data safe from hackers. 

Zero-Knowledge Approach

The zero-knowledge approach means that password managers don’t store information themselves. Information is locally encrypted on your device so that even the people who run and operate the password managers don’t have access to your info. 


If you are willing to pay for it, some of the better password managers use VPN or virtual private networks to keep your internet connection totally anonymous. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Many password managers use two-factor authentication and send a code to your phone or an email with a code that you must enter to access an account. Even if a crook gets your password, they won’t be able to hack your accounts without the authentication code. 

However, password managers are still not 100% secure. Of course, if a hacker manages to get in, they have access to your passwords. 

What if My Password Manager Gets Hacked?

In the rare event that your password manager gets hacked, what can you do?

Ensure Your Device is Not Compromised

The first thing you should do is ensure that your device is not compromised, whether it’s your phone, tablet, or computer. Use the appropriate software and techniques to remove any malware, and if need be, reinstall the operating system.

Change Passwords  and Activate Two-Factor Authentication

The next thing is to change all your passwords. If you have not done so already, you should also enable two-factor authentication as an extra security measure. 

Contact Customer Support

If your password manager gets hacked, contact your customer support team to see if anything can be done from their end. 

Notify Relevant Institutions

If you are hacked, it’s a good idea to call your bank and other institutions to make sure they watch for suspicious activity. 

Change Password Managers

In this case, you may want to switch to a better password manager. 

How to Prevent Your Password Manager from Being Hacked

Let’s go over some tips you can follow to prevent your devices and password managers from being hacked in the first place. 

Make Sure to Use a Good One – Encryption

Needless today, make sure to read reviews to ensure you are using the best password manager. Managers such as Dashlane and LastPass are options that are highly rated for security. 

Secure Your Devices and Internet Connection

Never leave your devices unlocked when not in use, and always use secure passwords for your devices. This also goes for your internet connection. Ensure that you have strong internet connection passwords and that you only use private networks. Finally, good anti-virus and anti-malware software doesn’t hurt either. 

Use a VPN

To keep your internet connection even more secure, use a VPN so you can remain totally anonymous when online. 

Always Use Two-Factor Authentication

Whenever possible, always use two-factor authentication. 

Final Thoughts 

The bottom line is that password managers can be hacked, although it is rare. However, if it does happen, you need to act immediately to ensure you don’t get hacked further and that your information, whether personal and/or banking, doesn’t get stolen. The best thing you can do is take the necessary measures to prevent hacking from happening in the first place. 

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