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What is a call center CRM, and why integrate yours with other systems?

Here’s why it’s vital to integrate CRM systems to call centers.

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Are you on the lookout to improve customer-agent relations in your call center? Then don’t overlook the importance of CRM and harness its power.

Running a company requires a lot of effort and, most notably, a good and personalized experience with the customer.

It is where a CRM will help you the most. The customer management system helps retain and attain customers regularly by storing customer bios and displaying information simultaneously.

Want to know more about CRM and why you should integrate it with other systems? Then keep on reading.

What is a CRM?

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CRM stands for customer relationship management. It helps keep a log of customers’ details and study their behavior. Companies administer their relationship with customers through CRM.

CRM is essential for call centers and helps them maintain positive customer interaction while storing and organizing their data.

Softwares like call center ACD are also beneficial to improve the calls and customer retention. Mentioned below is how a CRM system works in a call center.

CRM in call centers

In call centers, customer relationship management is a tool that agents use. This tool helps them increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

A CRM system stores details and a customer’s purchase history, better understanding the client’s needs and relationship with the company.

It is an instant system, and as the agent calls a customer, their data and information are displayed simultaneously on the screen.

This feature helps the agents better interact with the customer rather than focusing on the details and numbers.

When the CRM software rings up the customer’s details, these are the features they display:

  • The customer’s social profile and email address
  • Their contact history
  • Account information
  • Order history
  • Additional personal information

Access to this information helps the agent better and more personalized interaction with the customer.

It eventually improves the chances of getting a customer on board, retaining the old ones, and bringing back former clients. 

People love customized deals and interactions. Once you show your clients that they’re essential and their choices matter, it will help your company to have a better opportunity of getting new ones.

Benefits of call center CRM

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As mentioned above, CRM is a vital part of every call center. You can even call it the heart of the company. Here are some of the main reasons how a CRM system benefits a call center:

Customer interaction

When the call agent uses CRM software while interacting with a customer, it can significantly increase customer happiness and satisfaction.

When the client feels satisfied, he will likely retain a relationship with the company. 

Less AHT

Average handle time (AHT) is the expected time that an agent starts talking to a customer and ends the call. Reducing the average handling time improves the customer experience and improves FCR stats. 

If you provide timely assistance to the customers, they will have no reason to move to your competitors.

Improved Productivity

CRM helps your agents to have a better and more productive time. In addition, it improves agents’ confidence and boosts usefulness.

How to integrate CRM with other customer service systems

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Call center ACD is a fantastic software that helps save both the calling agent and the company’s time.

In addition, one can integrate CRM with other customer services to improve customer relationships and increase the company’s performance. 

Here are some reasons why integrating the customer relationship management software in a call center is essential: 

Lowers the work

A well-integrated and sophisticated CRM system will always decrease the hard work without affecting performance.

For example, the agents will not have to search manually and look up data and details; instead, it will appear automatically as the call goes through. 

When the agent is not focused on looking for data but instead thinks about customer interaction, their calls will get less hectic and enable better results.

Email integration is a good way to include CRM in call centers. A sales representative spends most of his time sending and receiving emails.

Integrating your Google or Outlook accounts with CRM allows you to view all your data, tools, and CRM contact in your inbox.

Guarantees improvement

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Imagine the call centers becoming amazingly automated. Won’t that increase productivity?

In addition, automating monotonous tasks automatically means there will be an improvement in the overall work of the call center.

Calendar integrations are essential for call centers. If you sync your Google calendar with CRM, you can guarantee improvement.

It will enable you to create meetings, send invites, and log in to meetings using your calendar app.

Increases customer retention

Every customer is after a personalized experience, which can happen through CRM.

When the agent has all the customer details mentioned in front of them, they can provide a more customized and personal experience to the client.

As a result, it will eventually increase client retention rate and happiness level.

Communication between employees is essential for a call center to function. You can integrate CRM with apps like Slack to promote team coordination.

Additionally, Slack offers to share and chat facilities so you won’t have to go back and forth between apps.


By now, you must’ve realized the vitality of CRM systems for call centers. When the calling agents are working round the clock, having an automatic information provider helps in making the process swift and efficient.

Once you integrate CRM with other services, you can increase your company’s overall revenue. 

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