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What is a mileage tracker app?

The primary purpose of a mileage tracker goes beyond simply tracking distance traveled.

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Smartphones have undoubtedly become the world’s most popular prosthetics. You’re rarely going to find a person nowadays who hasn’t owned at least one smartphone in their life. Yet, what really makes smartphones effective and useful are the many apps that are available to users.

Apps are what truly bring out the utility in our smartphones. Even when our phones are equipped with the most powerful hardware and a wide array of sensors, they wouldn’t be of much use unless they are driven by apps.

It’s also for this reason that the mobile app development sector enjoys so much demand. If you think it — and as long as there are smartphones that have the capability to run it and perform those functions — then there’s demand for that app.

Mileage Tracker App

Now, going back to the aforementioned app-driven utility of smartphones, one of the more common business-related apps comes in the form of mileage tracker apps. These apps make use of the built-in GPS of smartphones to track the miles that you drive during business trips. Apps such as Hurdlr are a popular choice among both businessmen and professional drivers.

But why exactly is this the case?

Why Exactly Do I Want To Track My Miles To Begin With?

The primary purpose of a mileage tracker goes beyond simply tracking distance traveled. In order to see how valuable an app is and the conveniences the app brings, you have to look at the activity you use the app for and imagine if you didn’t have the app to assist you with it. 

In this case, prior to mileage tracker apps, people had to manually log their trips. This is under the assumption that they actually remember to log their driving trips and that they are accurate enough to actually be a reliable record of the distance they’ve traveled on business drives. 

Not only that, but these records have to be logged in the format that would satisfy the standards of the IRS in order for you to be able to claim a tax deduction on business-related fuel expenditure.

How Do Mileage Trackers Function?

Mileage tracker apps make complete and accurate use of your phone’s built-in GPS system to automatically determine when you’re driving. Some apps also track the distance traveled and even classify the trip depending on your purpose. Mileage tracker apps are also programmed to print out reports that are in line with the standards of the IRS. So, instead of having to manually track your drives and alter your logs in order to adhere to IRS-set standards, all you simply have to do now is to drive and go about your business — your mileage tracker app can handle everything for you.

The utility that smartphones bring to our lives cannot be overemphasized. Technology has, and will always be a means to help us do our tasks more efficiently. Smartphones are incredible machines because of the computing power that they possess in such a small form factor. Make optimal use of your phone through the many available apps on the market, especially if you drive as a part of your job.

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