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What is a mobile 4G proxy server and where to buy it

If you are working with some simple resources and your work includes surfing the internet only, then you should probably check the data-centered proxies

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If you are in the field of modern IT, especially SMM or SEO, then you have already encountered technologies such as proxy servers. Almost every software or service requires an agent to be entered after registration. An agent is needed to crawl subscribers or posts mentioning a certain topic, analyze the personal data of competitors, etc.

If a proxy is not used, the account may be blocked due to a large number of requests to the server. It takes a long time to explain to managers of social networks and customers who provide you with access to their accounts.

What are mobile proxies in the simplest words

You may already know what a classic server proxy is. Mobile agents perform the same function-they pass the data stream from the user to the origin server by themselves and return the response request. But these technologies have several qualitative differences.

Mobile agents are also called rotating agents or reverse connection agents. This technology is completely legally used by mobile operators. Mobile agents use multiple IPs. When users access the network from smartphones and tablets, the origin server receives user requests from these IPs.

Target servers cannot block such addresses, even if they receive a large number of requests from them. The origin server “understands” that the high load from an IP has nothing to do with a client’s spam operation, but is related to the completely natural behavior of hundreds or even thousands of users. Therefore, he had to relax the restrictions on mobile agents.

Sometimes, origin servers (for example, origin servers of the same social network) block the accounts of users who behave incorrectly. The fact is that from all applications on smartphones and tablets, they will not only receive IPs, but also other information—information about time zones, operating system fingerprints, and other data.

The server will consider an account suspicious if:

  • the time zone of the application does not match the time zone of the IP address;
  • The IP address changes too often;
  • OS network fingerprint does not match the device from which the user logged into his account.

In this case, the target server does not block the IP address from which the request was sent, but blocks the account of the suspicious user. This is why it is important to use mobile agents that work according to “human” algorithms.

They will naturally change the IP address and transfer the correct data to the origin server without suspicion that the request comes from a real user, not a spam bot. Even if you grab the profile of competitors and their followers from multiple accounts on the same Instagram at the same time.

Advantages of mobile proxies over server ones


Will not be blocked by resources. When the target server receives an unnatural number of requests from an IP, it will undoubtedly prevent the server from proxying. Sites and social networks will not block mobile proxy addresses, because thousands of users who follow site rules will be affected by such behavior.

Convenient, time-saving, and reliable. When you purchase a server proxy, you will get an IP address. Any suspicious activity of him = access to the website is forbidden. Using mobile agents, you can get a pool of IP addresses that change automatically within a given time frame. At the same time, you don’t need to manually change anything in the program and application settings.

Bypass the check on the target server. The server proxy displays the IP of the target server belonging to the data center. Individuals cannot use the data of such devices through computers and mobile devices, so they can be blocked in the first stage of verification.

The mobile agent provides the IP address used by ordinary users. In addition, in addition to the address, they also display the correct time zone and operating system fingerprint. The site server is sure that the request was made by an ordinary person, not a robot.

Value for money. Server proxies are cheap, but when the site server starts to block IPs, you will have to invest again and again. Rotating agents are more expensive because service providers must purchase special equipment and SIM cards through which users will connect to the mobile operator’s 3G/4G network.

But the high price is justified by bypassing checks, enhanced blocking protection and other listed advantages, and the ability to use more accounts than server proxies at the same time.

Where to buy mobile 4G proxies

Let’s take a look at one of the mobile proxy providers as an example – First, almost in any case entering such websites you could see the plans, Proxy-Seller offers such plans:

proxy seller plans price chart
Image: Proxy-Seller

As you can see, the following provider has Ukraine, Russia, USA, France, UK, and Italy locations. As well as the price for every location proxy. Also, you can buy a proxy at least once a week for $12.

After choosing the appropriate proxy plan, you will be directed to the ordering form where you should enter:

  1. Name – username of your account;
  2. E-mail – your e-mail address;
  3. Enter the purpose – write down something with what you are going to work;
  4. Quantity – a number of proxies;
  5. Rental period;
  6. Payment method – choose any convenient for you, there are options even for BTC, Etherium, etc.


If you are working with some simple resources and your work includes surfing the internet only, then you should probably check the data-centered proxies, but if you are much closer to a “pro”, then there is no better option for you than mobile 4G proxies.

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