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What is automation testing and why is it important?

These are the main benefits software companies will experience once they leverage automated testing thoroughly in their development processes.

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Automation testing is being adopted by more and more software companies for several key reasons. In a nutshell, automated testing involves using automation programs to repeatedly test software in an attempt to catch bugs or defects before the software is delivered to the market.

While manual tests are sometimes required no matter what, manual testing is time and labor-intensive and doesn’t always produce quality results.

So just why is automated testing important? These are the main benefits software companies will experience once they leverage automated testing thoroughly in their development processes.

Automation Testing Saves Money

For starters, automated software testing can save money. Because many development cycles demand repeated software tests, hundreds or thousands of tests may be required before the delivery date. Rather than wasting time and manpower by forcing manual tests, companies can instead use automated testing to take care of the bulk of testing requirements, freeing up developers to accomplish other tasks.

This saves money and man-hours: the two things many development companies are constantly strapped for.

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Automation Testing Also Saves Time

Beyond saving man-hours, automation testing can also save time in a raw sense.

Automated testing tools can complete more in-depth tests faster than even the most experienced developer. By completing your tests more quickly, you’ll be able to fit more tests into your development window and catch more potential bugs or defects before shipping to the market.

Giving yourself additional time to tackle other aspects of your development cycle is also beneficial, as it may result in a better released product.  These two benefits alone may inspire most development managers to look into how to learn automation testing.

Test Coverage is Increased

By using automated software testing tools, developers will be able to increase both the depth and scope of their tests. For example, many developers may decide to avoid lengthier or more in-depth tests since they take too much time away from other aspects of development.

With automated testing tools, developers can now run lengthy tests without attending the software, freeing up developers to do other things or to run tests on multiple computers with varying configurations. In short, automated testing allows you to test not only more often but more effectively than before. 

Better Testing Simulations

A side benefit of this is better testing simulations. For instance, even large software development companies can’t perform controlled web application tests that simulate thousands of simultaneous users. Automated testing tools certainly can do this, or even simulate up to hundreds of thousands of users interacting with web applications, software, or a network.

This benefit will be even more appealing for larger developers, who may primarily make software intended for use by thousands all at once.  Either way the robust testing simulations made possible by automated testing could lead to more information and better improvements later down the road.

Improved Testing Accuracy

Lastly, automated testing can improve testing accuracy across the board. Even experienced developers sometimes make mistakes, especially if they are forced to do a lot of monotonous manual testing, by accidentally inputting the wrong testing variables, misreading test results, or even forgetting to do tests, especially if they have to do the same test over and over.

With automated testing tools, your software’s easily catchable bugs will be caught more often and fewer mistakes will be made. All in all, automated testing tools can dramatically increase the efficacy and quality of software that a company puts out.

All of these factors combined help to show why automated testing is and will continue to be so important in the software development industry.

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