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What is bankroll management for poker sites?

Players who are new to the game of poker, as well as those who struggle with proper bankroll management

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When players first think about the word poker, a myriad of associated ideas spring to mind. Big bets, bluffs, and massive piles of chips are some of these ideas. What many players fail to realize, however, is that even though different poker strategies and tactics are useful, the most vital of all is bankroll management. 

This article explains bankroll management for poker, how to build a poker bankroll, as well as tips on how to avoid losing a bankroll. 

What is Bankroll Management for Poker? 

Bankroll management has nothing to do with the actual gameplay of poker. Instead, it refers to how players manage their money to ensure consistent availability of funds, including during low spells at the tables. 

A poker bankroll is the amount of money that a player sets aside for poker. This amount does not include funds within a player’s bank account, nor does it include money that a player expects to receive in the future. 

A poker bankroll solely consists of the amount of cash a player wants to devote to playing poker. To build a bankroll, players must first decide how much money they can afford to risk. 

For some, it can be $10, while for others, it can be $1,000. Irrespective of how much it is, the amount a player chooses to risk is a good starting point for building a poker bankroll. 

Building a Poker Bankroll 

Once a player decides on an initial figure to play with, there are a few factors to consider. It’s essential never to exceed the set limits, even if the starting $10 has suddenly turned into $500. According to, these are the primary points to consider when attempting to increase a poker bankroll sensibly. 

The Stakes 

Higher stakes require a bigger bankroll than lower stakes. This effect isn’t always linear, and the variance in increasing a bankroll can sometimes require a player to wager more than four times his bankroll than previously. 

Types of Poker Games 

Participating in tournaments generally requires a larger bankroll and comes with higher variances. Games with lower variances typically utilize smaller bankrolls. 

Win Rate 

To calculate a player’s win rate, one must look at 100 hands played in big blinds. Many players overestimate this figure by focusing on the wrong sample size. 

How to Avoid Losing a Poker Bankroll 

Poker is a game of chance, so losing games is inevitable. However, players can limit their losses through the following tips: 

  • Avoid re-buy tournaments 
  • Beware of late registrations 
  • Register as early as possible for tournaments 
  • Don’t utilize the auto top-up feature 

These tips may not apply to experts who already understand the ins and outs of poker. But for new and recreational players, it’s crucial to follow set guidelines to avoid losing an accumulated poker bankroll. 


Poker is a game unlike any other in the world. Luck plays its role, but there are a lot of nuances that players can use to their advantage to maximize their potential winnings. 

Players who are new to the game of poker, as well as those who struggle with proper bankroll management, can significantly improve their long-term success at poker tables with a clearly laid out bankroll management plan. 

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