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What is the future of investing? An analysis by financial experts

Few other financial and economic models have generated as much interest as cryptocurrencies have.

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In the last few years, many people have wondered what the best investing course can be. Should people continue to invest in share markets, properties, or even precious metals like those they have for decades? Alternatively, should the future of investing be something else?

Everyone wants to work hard and earn money. They also want to make their money work hard to double or treble themselves. Money, which sits idle, has a tendency to get lost. Given the uncertainties around financial markets, everyone is looking for sure places to invest. 

In this article, we will discuss the future of investing assets. We will also discuss the problems of investment in the current world. In addition, we will briefly throw light on some viable alternative models or platforms that one can invest in. 

Problems of making Investments in the current scenario

If you have been reading the news, you will see how global financial markets have tanked because of the Coronavirus pandemic. One decade back, we also witnessed a similar situation where a man-made financial depression caused catastrophic damage across countries and continents. 

Investments then are considered fragile entities, which can be wiped out in the face of natural emergencies and disasters. Even tried and tested investments like real estate and commercial properties can plummet as they are tried to numerous market conditions. 

Government bonds issued by various national governments and public sector undertakings are not free from risks. While the stock market continues to be the preferred choice, the volatility and uncertainty of factors like inflation and demand are threatening. 

In such a scenario, investors who want their money to increase in valuation need to look for a viable alternative. 

How the New Generation perceives making Investments-

Most people who are now in their thirties and making investment decisions had witnessed the market collapse of 2007-08. They were in their teens or were young adults and saw their parents suffer during the crisis. This suffering was because of a bad nexus between Wall Street and government bodies. 

Young investors today want more transparency than ever before. The internet has made them very aware of the information technology revolution and its greatest product. This is in stark contrast to their parents, who were more than happy to listen to the advice of their stockbrokers. 

The expectations for investments are huge. Even if there is a collapse, they want it to happen on their watch. You can say that the new world order clamored for transparent investments. Stocks, properties, debt investments, and others are too shrouded in secrecy for them to be transparent. 

Cryptocurrencies: The new wave of Investments for the Future

In the last decade or so, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have come up as a viable alternative to traditional investments. You can even buy Coinbase shares UK, and Coinbase is a major cryptocurrency exchange. They do not carry the baggage of the old investment models. They are also decentralized, not under government control and completely transparent in nature. 

The philosophical underpinnings of Bitcoin has its root in the market crash of 2008. It was conceptualized as a means to ensure that no one’s hard investments ever crash. Yes, it is open to speculation and volatility like others, but it has several advantages over them. 

This has made millennials and baby boomers take to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They love the idea of owning and controlling their own money. They also enjoy the fact that they do not have to shell out commissions for making transactions over the internet. 


Few other financial and economic models have generated as much interest as cryptocurrencies have. If Bitcoin would not have been successful, you would not have hundreds of ‘altcoins’ emerging in less than a decade. 

The crypto ecosystem is worth hundreds of billions of dollars in valuations. New investors are moving assets to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you wish to know more about investing in Bitcoins, please visit-

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