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What is YouTube for business? Everything you need to know

YouTube is the second biggest search engine. This is why your business will find YouTube beneficial. But what is YouTube for business? Here’s what to know.

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YouTube is a modern social media powerhouse.

It terms of search volume, it’s second only to its owner Google. Recent estimates reveal a whopping figure of 30 million daily visitors. And rest assured the upward trajectory is going to continue in 2019 and beyond.

The whole world of marketing is leaning toward video content. This format captivates in a deeply profound way, which static images and text cannot hope to emulate.

The platform produced waves of influencers and viral videos. Its popularity and business utility are well-documented. But, in case you’re still wondering “what is YouTube craze all about”, we got you covered. Here is how to harness its full power and elevate your brand.

Grasping the Basics

The first thing to do is set up a proper account. This process is rather straightforward and works similar to other social hubs. The hard part comes immediately after that— customizing your channel.

Namely, you need to fill the appropriate sections (channel page) with accurate business information. Your user name is particularly important because it determines the channel name. That being said, you can take advantage of the “Use a business or other name” option.

The next step is to upload a profile photo and channel art, which should showcase your company logo and tagline. These elements help you come across as a true brand. Once that is sorted out, get more familiar with the user interface and features.

Most notably, we have a top-down dropdown menu, which holds several key options (Library, Subscriptions, and More From YT). Icon of a video camera lets you upload videos, while the bubble icon is reserved for messages.  The bell icon displays user interaction notifications.

As for YouTube Premium, it gives you an ad-free experience and a chance to download videos.

We would argue this plan is not an absolute must. You can use alternative methods to download videos from YouTube nice and easy. And if you use ads to monetize the channel, a Premium account can actually hurt your aspirations.

What Is YouTube All About? Interactions, of Course!

Notice you can interact with users (and vice-versa) in several ways:

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Subscriptions
  • Playlists
  • Sharing
  • Messages

Some of these options are passive and others are more active. Also, they are not created equal when it comes to effects on traffic, number of views, engagement, and visibility. For instance, Playlists are merely a way to organize your content.

Sharing social widget enables promotion on other networks. Subscriptions carry a lot of weight because users get push notifications for the latest uploads.

This is to say boosting your number of subscribers should be a primary objective.

Among other things, it gives you a chance to make it to YouTube Trending Videos. This forefront is reserved for fresh uploads that manage to attract a ton of interactions. They tend to involve current events, pop-culture trends, and viral sensations.

You need at least 1,000 subscribers to enter this elite club for 24 hours. This kind of exposure can launch brands into the digital stratosphere, but it’s not an easy thing to accomplish. So, don’t go all-in with this tactic.  

In fact, you’re better off gradually building trust and loyalty. Carve out your niche and establish your business as a trusted source of information. Make decisions on video type and topic according to market research.  

Sowing the Seeds of Success

There are a couple of more monetization tactics to keep an eye on.

First off, you can strike partnerships with top-level YouTubers. They are eager to land corporate sponsorships. In return for it, they offer product placement. This mutually-beneficial relationship yields better results if there is a niche overlap.

Furthermore, you can enroll for the YouTube Partner Program once you hit 1, 000 subs and 4,000 watch hours. It’s a great way to monetize content.  You basically earn money when via ads and premium subscriber views.

Finally, advertising poses one major avenue left to explore. TrueView in-stream ads, for instance, run before, during, or after other videos. Users are able to skip them after five seconds.

On the other hand, bumper ads are shorter, but viewers can’t skip them. In both cases, your goal is to spur conversions and leads. You can do it by adding a call-to-action link and taking viewers to your website/blog.

For good measure, you want to perform tracking of key performance indicators. Select your analytics tool and monitor watch time, subs, likes, shares, etc.

Make sure to constantly generate new insights and improve your strategy based on them.  

Time to Get the Show on the Road

There you go: we answered the question of “what is YouTube business marketing” for you.

Not only that, but we demonstrated what kind of value the video publishing behemoth can provide.

It’s clear the landscape is teeming with business opportunities you would be wise to tap into. Modern customers expect you to meet them where they are.

So, implement this ever-growing platform into your digital strategy for 2019. Come up with a solid content marketing and branding plan. Produce a steady stream of relevant and engaging content.

Following these steps, you should be able to expand your viewer base and keep people coming back for more. And if you need a killer video analytics solution for your arsenal, contact us right away.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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