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What money games are played the most in the Netherlands

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Dutch casino players had something to smile about when the Dutch Gambling Act was revised by the Kansspelautoriteit to make legal what was once illegal; except that their joy was short-lived. These amendments won’t be implemented until Jul 2021 and we were 7 months from this date at the time of this writing. Dutch players enjoy playingnetent online casino echtgeld, what means “for real money”, at Curacao-licensed online casinos as there are no casinos approved by their Authority excite for the staatsloterij, a state-lottery.

Of course, this is a temporary solution to a permanent problem and this amendment was long due. It has already been postponed two times so that authorities have enough time to vet all the casinos that have submitted applications and we hope that there won’t be a third. Poker stars like Marcel Luske and Jorryt Van Hoof who’ve won at least $5M from their gambling careers are from the Netherlands and it’s no surprise that this is the most played game at the casinos they frequent; despite its steep learning curve. Dutch players play these games for real money (in order of popularity).


It has been a bitter-sweet journey for poker players in Netherlands with the biggest blow being the €400,000 fine given to PokerStars after they were found to be aggressively targeting Dutch players. Online poker is just like the poker we used to play with friends and family at Thanksgiving and during the Christmas festivities except that it’s online.

Online poker is easier to play – even at a live dealer casino where you have professional dealer handling cards and chips in real-time. Here’s why:

  1. Beginner players can focus on playing the game instead of concentrating on reading their opponent’s hand, bluffing, being hard to read, and the other physiological aspects of poker
  2. Online poker can be played in demo mode where players test new techniques, tips, and strategies risk-free.
  3. On average, players deal 75 hands every hour at online poker rooms compared to the 20 hands they would make at a land-based casino. Online poker rooms are at least 3x faster


This is the easiest game for new casino players. They don’t have to read their opponents especially as there are no opponents, it’s a player vs casino game. They also don’t have strategies to fall back on when bluffing isn’t a possibility. This is an added advantage as new players’ concentration is fixed the entire time on the reels of a slot machine.

Starburst is the most popular slot amongst Dutch players, perhaps due to its striking resemblance and gameplay to the award-winning candy crush saga.

Slots are east to play– multiply your bet by the number of credits you want to play with and click or tap spin. The only skill required is to know the buttons on the game interface and pick one so that you don’t have to click it again and again for each spin. You might want to play one credit and then decide to stop once winning.


Roulette appeals to Dutch players due to easy access to free roulette games. There are many websites that offer free roulette games and online casino sites offer these games with full scenes in which you see the dealers handle the roulette wheel and the cards.

Mostly, Dutch players are drawn to Roulette as it’s an easy game to master with only 37 numbers to memorize. Players are advised to play with 1 unit for easy winnings when they start collecting their wins. They’re then advised to progress to 2 units where they can win easy x2 and the main goal is to progress to 25 units.

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